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Spotlight Series: MRP Workbench

The EFACS MRP Workbench provides a single, central area to manage the entire MRP process, including all functional areas and reports. Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) is a production planning and scheduling system used to aid the manufacturing process. A computerised MRP system supports manufacturing companies with these three key objectives: Ensure materials are available for […]

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Spotlight Series: Advanced Product Configurator

Manufacturing and selling configurable products can be a challenge. Specifying the options, managing any conflicts, managing the costs, creating the BoMs and Routings – EFACS’ Advanced Product Configurator helps to remedy this. The EFACS Advanced Product Configurator is an ‘all new’ configurator, available as an add on module in EFACS E/8 Version 8.6.2,  that combines […]

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Spotlight Series: Invoice Scanning

A packaged solution to quickly scan, store and reference supplier purchase invoices in the EFACS Document Management module. Once a supplier invoice has been registered in the EFACS Purchase Ledger and approved, it is traditionally stored as a hard copy in a lever arch folder along with all the others. Generally companies must keep records […]

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Spotlight Series: Landed Costs

Landed cost encompasses the total cost of purchasing, transporting, warehousing and distribution of a product, which can be a raw material, a semi-finished item or a finished product. The EFACS E/8 Landed Cost module allows the capture of these indirect costs so they may be analysed and ultimately incorporated into the total cost of the […]

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Spotlight Series: Advanced Customisation Toolkit

Within EFACS E/8, there is the Advanced Customisation Toolkit. This module allows users to customise the functionality of the standard EFACS software to meet a user’s specific requirements. The technology behind this functionality ensures that future upgrades are not compromised by too much customisation. The Customisation Toolkit within EFACS E/8 allows users to apply their […]

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Spotlight Series: EFACS Mobile CRM

EFACS Mobile CRM is a tool for offsite users, enabling the user to transact and report on sales orders, quotations, projects and customers details. EFACS Mobile CRM connects offsite users to the EFACS system. This allows employees, such as field service staff and customer service teams, to view, add and update sales information from anywhere. […]

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Spotlight Series: Audit Trail

The Audit Trail Module is available for both the EFACS E/8 and Eagle Field Service software. The Audit Trail module logs, tracks and investigates data that is changed within the EFACS system. The functionality within the Audit Trail module provides an easy to use method of recording information when it is changed. The module also records […]

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Spotlight Series: Menu Dashboards

Within version 6 of EFACS E/8, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Reporting are embedded into the Menu Dashboard. These dashboards can be either a BIRT report or a Microsoft Power BI report. What is BIRT? BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool) is an open source technology platform that is used to create data visualisations and […]

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Reasons to Begin Your ERP Journey in 2020

The New Year is the time for making resolutions to change habits. Businesses are no different, with many companies pursuing an ERP implementation, or replacing an existing ERP system, when the new year comes around. Are you or your company thinking about pursuing an ERP project for 2020? There are several ways in which an […]

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Spotlight Series: EFACS E/8 Workflow Part I

The Workflow module can be found within the EFACS and Eagle Field Service software. The module is used to automate business procedures and improves operational efficiency. Workflow provides a framework for automating the flow of a company’s business procedures via the software, allowing EFACS E/8 to be utilised more effectively with the users specific requirements […]

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Spotlight Series: EFACS E/8 Workflow Part II

In our last post, the Capabilities, Workflow Models and Scheduled Workflows of the Workflow module were detailed. Below, the Filescan element of the Workflow Module is highlighted. Filescan: Filescan is an automated tool used for improving accuracy and operational efficiency, this tool utilises Workflow as part of its process. Filescan is used to monitor predefined […]

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