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EFACS E/8 ERP Software

EFACS E/8 is a fully comprehensive and integrated ERP software solution. It is the tool of choice to enable seamless flow of information across manufacturing and service organisations. Truly integrated ERP, which is a key requirement for most of our customers, it provides analysis and detailed reporting of all departments which allows management KPI’s to be produced instantly.

EFACS E/8 is a comprehensive proven ERP software solution. Highly flexible and designed to be adapted to the precise needs of each business, it is built with the latest software technologies. EFACS ERP integrates all functions of manufacturing and distribution businesses, allowing for seamless information flow throughout each department. Stock Control, Materials Requirements Planning and Finite Capacity Planning are all standard features which set the EFACS E/8 solution apart from generic accounting solutions with bolt on manufacturing modules.


Profitsflows comprehensive implementation process enables those companies that require a fast implementation to move the project forward quickly and efficiently from day one where resources are available. We have continuously evolved the implementation methodology by taking advantage of latest technologies, new legislation, experience and best practice. We provide two approaches for implementing your EFACS ERP software: a Business Review Approach and a Business Defined Approach.

With over twenty years’ experience in implementing mission critical enterprise software solutions, profitsflow.com can provide an expert end-to-end service for delivery of a fully functional ERP solution. We have a team of highly trained implementation and support consultants whose role it is to ensure that all installations are carried out successfully so that the maximum benefits are achieved.

Profitsflow ERP Implementation Process

We have been implementing the innovative ERP software solution EFACS since 2009. With EFACS having been implemented all across Ireland to the manufacturing and field service sectors we have perfected the process.

There are 5 stages to complete the EFACS E/8 implementation process.

Stage 1) Start-Up

The process begins with a planning meeting where the companies project team Leaders are identified. Profitsflow dedicates an experienced project manager for the entire duration of the project to liaise with this team. In this first initial phase, we will get a full understanding of what you want in your ERP system and set a Go-Live date which is when you want your system to be up and running.

Stage 2) Training Workshops

Once we have a full understanding and grasp of what your system is going to be like we can begin the process of organising training workshops. Our ERP experts will work with you, department by department to train users, determine your data migration requirements and with your input, configure your ERP solution to your exact requirements.

Stage 3) Consolidation

Once we have reached this stage your team will have a much better understanding on how to use the software effectively and we will have brought every part of your business into one fully integrated solution that is specifically tailored to you.

Stage 4) Pilot

This is a crucial stage when implementing your new system that is completed approximately 6 weeks out from your Go-Live date. The Pilot stage will help uncover any anomalies in the system that can be addressed and fixed before Go-Live.

Stage 5) Go-Live

The final data transfer is completed, and we work closely with you to address any user issues on the day. The system is then signed off as operational and you can now celebrate and enjoy using your new system.

Project Management

Core to this process is Project Management. At the outset, Profitsflow will appoint a project manager to steer the system implementation from our side, allocating resources as and when required, providing a detailed project plan for the agreed strategy and supplying regular updates to the client’s project manager.

Each project is evaluated, simulated and controlled on its own merits. The strategy behind our project management program follows proven successful and logical steps. Our methodology is designed to ensure that all aspects of any implementation are comprehensively evaluated, documented, actioned, reviewed and developed for each project against the business needs and resources of each individual customer.

The Business Review Approach

The Business Review Approach is based on the premise that our Implementation Consultants will train you in all aspects of the EFACS business system. Then in conjunction with us you will review your business processes and procedures and choose the most appropriate EFACS configuration settings and options in order to allow you to run your business as efficiently as possible. This option assumes a high level of client-side participation in the process, with typically two to five existing IT resources in place.

The Business Defined Approach

The Business Defined Approach to implementing EFACS is best suited to companies who do not wish to radically alter their existing internal procedures and processes. If you have previously reviewed and improved your procedures you may need EFACS to dovetail with these existing processes. The EFACS training and consultancy provided by us will therefore be tailored to the specific way in which EFACS is required to work for you. This will typically involve modifying EFACS through customisation, configuration and generally without the need for complex bespoke modifications.

EFACS E/8: Training​

At Profitsflow we pride ourselves in the quality of our training services. Over the years, we have learned that this is where the difference between a succinct, successful implementation and a prolonged project lies. Properly trained personnel will take to the system quicker, and be more efficient in their roles from the outset.

We provide all of our customers with both functional and technical courses to cover all EFACS Modules and Supporting Technology, enabling you to yield maximum benefit for your business. Our Course Trainers have extensive practical knowledge of the technology or module they are presenting and are very experienced in the provision and delivery of training. We can provide two standard methods of training to suit different requirements:

  • Customised or standard courses for one customer.
  • Classroom training for a number of customers.

Our training can be undertaken either at our customer’s premises or at an offsite location as required. Often it can be beneficial to conduct training offsite, as it removes day-to-day distractions, giving the content of the training the focus it requires. We can also provide customised training for specific needs in consultation with the customer. Once initial training has taken place, our implementation team can help to map EFACS E/8 to your company’s business processes, ensuring the smooth and efficient take-on of the new computer system.

Technical Support

Our dedicated support team have years of experience in implementing and supporting business solutions. They are able to provide assistance throughout the implementation process and during ‘live’ operation, together with specialised assistance during key business activities.

We aim to mobilise appropriate resources to provide accurate and timely technical or software support in a manner exceeding that expected by the customer. We conduct continuous reviews of our support services in order to keep our customers as productive as possible and provide the best service.

Nowadays, remote support is enhanced from the traditional services of phone, e-mail and fax support by the ability to utilise remote access software to connect to a customer’s machine or even the ERP server. This vastly speeds up the support process where hands on access to the machine in question is required, and removes the necessity for expensive onsite visits. All technical support incidents are logged in our ticket management software, and the customer is automatically communicated with as the ticket is progressed to conclusion. Thus the customer is always “in the loop”, without the need for unnecessary interruption.

ERP Software Selection Guide

Selecting an ERP solution is a daunting task for any business.  This white paper sets out by initially defining what ERP software is, setting out the primary objectives of doing so and weighing up the pros and cons of actually implementing ERP in different business situations. A must read for those considering selecting a new ERP system.

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