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Spotlight Series: Audit Trail - ProfitsFlow
Spotlight Series: Audit Trail

Spotlight Series: Audit Trail

The Audit Trail Module is available for both the EFACS E/8 and Eagle Field Service software. The Audit Trail module logs, tracks and investigates data that is changed within the EFACS system. The functionality within the Audit Trail module provides an easy to use method of recording information when it is changed. The module also records who changed the information, how the information was changed and why the information was changed.


The ability to trace any data modifications is central to the effective operation of any business database. To ensure compliance with all business regulations are met at all times, there must be rules and controls in place. The benefits of the Audit Trail module does not stop at legal compliance, it also allows any problems to be traced and inconsistencies to be highlighted.


Selected users can view the Audit Trails module at any time and can be alerted to issues via the Workflow module. A user can enable other users to access data entities that are of relevance to them.


All data within the Audit Trail module is backed up on a separate database than the main EFACS or Eagle software. This eradicates an increase in time to back up the main database.


Bolster Security Policy:

As mentioned, all data that is logged within the Audit Trail module is recorded and stored. By advising users that they are personally accountable for their actions within the module, such as the changing of data, managers can help to promote proper user behaviour. Users are less likely to try to circumvent security policies if they are aware that all of their activity in the module is recorded.

The information from the Audit Trail can be used to identify and provide information about users suspected of improper data modifications.


Utilising Workflow:

The Audit Trail module is linked with the Workflow module. This enables checks in key areas or at key times, without the user having to manually input this information. This gives the user peace of mind as checks will be carried out automatically using a workflow script.

The Workflow module, when triggered by a preset occurrence from the Audit Trail module can alert a predefined contact or group relaying all the information required to monitor or remedy a situation.


Key Functionality:

  • Separate database for Audit Trail.
  • Can analyse transactions between specific time periods.
  • When there is a modification made to any data, date, time, user name and changes are all logged.
  • Easily monitor specific data elements that require close attention.
  • Produces automatic alerts when data issues arise.
  • Activating audits and viewing audit information is controlled by pre-approved users.


Benefits for your Business:

  • Data security is improved.
  • Lost data or transactions can be recovered.
  • Group or individual’s actions within the module are monitored, promoting proper use.
  • Increased individual accountability.
  • Aids with meeting compliance regulations.
  • Ensures accuracy and authenticity of electronic data.
  • Can be used to reconstruct events or incidents and problem analysis.

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