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Spotlight Series: Menu Dashboards - ProfitsFlow

Spotlight Series: Menu Dashboards

Within version 6 of EFACS E/8, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Reporting are embedded into the Menu Dashboard. These dashboards can be either a BIRT report or a Microsoft Power BI report.

What is BIRT?

BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool) is an open source technology platform that is used to create data visualisations and reports that can be embedded into rich client and web applications.


What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is the latest suite of business analytical tools from Microsoft, which is used to analyse data and share insights. Power BI provides dashboards for mobile and desktop devices, allowing you to monitor your business and quickly access rich dashboards.

Power BI allows you to create comprehensive visuals based on interactive reports which allows you to focus on what matters to you.


What is the Pricing Difference between BIRT and Power BI:

BIRT is a free and open source product. The program uses real-time data to generate reports.

There are several different pricing models for Power BI.

Power BI is an element of Microsoft’s Office 365. There is a free version of Power BI and there is also a subscription based model called Power BI Pro.

The free model of  Power BI allows for daily synchronisation of data, while the Power BI Pro model can synchronise data hourly. The Pro version also allows you the use of Custom Visuals which is a gallery of interesting customisations created by the Power BI community.

There is a freely available Power BI Designer program, which allows you to create reports and dashboards.

Power BI can be viewed on Android and iOS applications, allowing for the viewing of dashboards and reports on mobile devices.


Integration with EFACS:

BIRT and Power BI have been integrated into the EFACS E/8 version 6 menu.

Based on their roles and permissions, users can select different dashboards, to display them within different modules in the EFACS system.


Key Features of Dashboards:

  • Comprehensive visualisations to reflect different types of data, more extensive than a typical bar or pie chart.
  • Data is personalised for each user, based on their role or job function.
  • Data can be cross-filtered and cross-highlighted between charts within the same dashboard.
  • Ability to drill down to source data.
  • Data can be consolidated from multiple sources, such as EFACS data, spreadsheets, Google Analytics and more.


Benefits to your business:

  • Graphical dashboards present information in a format that enables efficient and more informed decision making.
  • Information and key performance metrics can be easily shared within the business.
  • Anomalies and early warning signs can be spotted quicker and therefore actioned in a more timely manner.
  • Gain insights into upselling and cross-selling by mining your customer data.
  • Data consolidation from multiple sources allows for a more integrated organisation.


If you would like to read more about the EFACS product, you can download the EFACS brochure here

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