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ProfitsFlow APS

Automate your Accounts Payable department.  Eliminate slow and error prone manual input of purchase invoices.  Streamline your invoice approvals through an automated workflow.

ProfitsFlow APS

Here at Profitsflow, we are best known for our ERP software solution EFACS E/8 which is an ERP system specifically tailored to the manufacturing and field service industries. However, we now have an exciting  product called Profitsflow APS.

Profitsflow APS is a smart, powerful, cloud-based Accounts Payable Automation solution that reduces the cost of processing invoices by up to 80%. This customer centric automated process saves time and effort, giving you greater flexibility and control over supplier invoices and statements. Supporting remote working, it offers total visibility throughout the process and enables full knowledge approval for every stage. No more lost invoices, data entry and account hold errors, lost VAT reclaims and unnecessary over-payments.

Profitsflow APS integrates with EFACS and many other ERP/Accounting solutions seamlessly and quickly.  The process is completed in four simple steps:

  1. Step 1:  Supplier emails in the invoice
  2. Step 2:  Profitsflow APS retrieves relevant data and performs an automatic 3-way match (Purchase Order / Goods Receipt / Invoice)
  3. Step 3:  Profitsflow APS routes the document for approval, or if appropriate, auto approves it.
  4. Step 4:  Profitsflow APS sends the invoice data to your ERP where it is automatically input and posted to the ledger.

Implementation of the Profitsflow APS solution is delivered following a proven, straightforward process in a four-week timeline.  Once up and running, the time savings ensure the system pays for itself within the first few months of operation.

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