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Spotlight Series: EFACS Mobile CRM - ProfitsFlow
Spotlight Series: EFACS Mobile CRM

Spotlight Series: EFACS Mobile CRM

EFACS Mobile CRM is a tool for offsite users, enabling the user to transact and report on sales orders, quotations, projects and customers details.

EFACS Mobile CRM connects offsite users to the EFACS system. This allows employees, such as field service staff and customer service teams, to view, add and update sales information from anywhere.

The EFACS Mobile CRM application runs in real-time, ensuring that the user has correct and up to date information. By having this information accessible to off site users, customer service and customer retention is improved and can ultimately increase sales and customer loyalty.



The following set of reports comes as standard within the EFACS Mobile CRM.

  • Order Items
  • Order Summary
  • Orders
  • All Parts
  • Customer Accounts (Full & Brief)
  • Quotations
  • Quotations Items
  • Quotations Summary
  • My Orders
  • All Orders Detailed
  • Completed Customer Tasks

It is possible for users to create their own reports and have them added to the EFACS Mobile menu screen, allowing for remote users to access real time information from the EFACS system.


Near Me Function:

Have you ever had staff who travel to a meeting with a prospect or customer and the meeting wraps up early? Mobile CRM has a function called Near Me, giving users the option of searching for customers or prospects that are near their current location.

Yellow markers highlight relevant prospects and green markers indicate customers. Tapping a marker will show the name of a customer or prospect and an address. The user has the option to use Google Maps as a way of getting directions.


Related Information:

This functionality provides a display of content that is related to the selected customer or prospect. Say a customer has a number of open cases, outstanding quotations or tasks etc, these queries are highlighted and easily accessible through the ‘Related’ tab. This tab provides easy visibility for the company’s interactions with customers or prospects.


Key Functionality:

  • Manage Quotations
  • Manage Sales Orders
  • Manage Sales Projects
  • Share Documents
  • Manage Company/Contact Information
  • View Live Part Information
  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Projects
  • Related Information


Benefits to Your Business:

  • Sales team productivity is increased
  • Extends the integrated EFACS functionalities to ‘field’ teams
  • EFACS Mobile, like EFACS, runs in real time, ensuring all data across the business is correct and up to date
  • Users can create and amend quotations, orders and contacts while on a customer site
  • Allows for the secure, auditable access to back office data
  • Improved insights as users can view reports on the move


EFACS Mobile contains other functionalities such as Shop Floor Data Collection and can be used by remote workers. To read more about the functionalities of EFACS Mobile, check out our Spotlight Series blog posts.


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