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Benefits of Field Service Software - ProfitsFlow
Benefits of Field Service Software

Benefits of Field Service Software

Profitsflow provides Eagle Field Service software, authored by Profitsflow’s partner, Exel Computer Systems in the UK.


The three main benefits of any field service software is:

  • To increase efficiency
  • To reduce costs
  • To improve customer service

Reduced Paperwork:

Engineers have a data enabled touchscreen device, allowing them to record information while on-site. This information is sent directly through to the back office over a secure data or WiFi connection. This enables on-site engineers to conduct their visit without having to record details of the job on paper. As the information travels directly to the back office, time is saved at the end of day as engineers do not have to transcribe data from sheets of paper. In turn, this cuts down on any administrative errors that may occur.


Automated Invoicing:

Before field service software, it could take several days or weeks between an engineer visiting a site and the customer receiving an invoice. With Eagle Field Service software, the software uses real-time information to invoice customers. Therefore an engineer can automate an invoice to be sent out at the completion of a job or can send the invoice while still on site. This ensures that invoices are sent out in a timely manner.


Inventory Management:

With the Eagle software, a user can see exactly what inventory each engineer has in their vehicle. Inventory management means that there is less money tied up in excess stock, or that an engineer arrives at a job and is unable to compete it because they do not have the right materials. This enables the engineer to pick what jobs they are able to do based on if they have the appropriate inventory. This leads to better customer satisfaction and greater customer trust.


Customer Relationship Management:

With Eagle software, there are a number of ways in which customer service and customer happiness are increased.

There are planned maintenance visits and reactive maintenance visits. With planned maintenance visits, the date is arranged before the visit, meaning the customer knows ahead of time when the visit is to take place.

For reactive visits, the job is allocated to the closest engineer with the right equipment, meaning that when the engineer arrives on-site, they are able to complete the job as they have the right tools. This allows for a greater sense of customer satisfaction as the engineer who is best fit for the job is sent to the job.


Assisted Scheduling & Lower Expenses:

With Eagle Field Service software, engineers can plan out their work day. This means that the engineer that is most relevant to the case is sent to that job. In doing this, excess time is not wasted driving between different jobs. This can help to reduce fuel expenses by engineers taking the most efficient route. In turn this can mean that companies can help to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and money being spent on fuel.


If you would like to read more about the Scheduling Efficiencies of Field Service software, why not download our white paper here.


To read more about the Planned Maintenance Module within the Eagle Field Service software, read our blog post.


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