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Spotlight Series: Invoice Scanning - ProfitsFlow
Spotlight Series: Invoice Scanning

Spotlight Series: Invoice Scanning

A packaged solution to quickly scan, store and reference supplier purchase invoices in the EFACS Document Management module.

Once a supplier invoice has been registered in the EFACS Purchase Ledger and approved, it is traditionally stored as a hard copy in a lever arch folder along with all the others.

Generally companies must keep records for 6 years – depending on the volume of supplier invoices processed, this can equate to a lot of stored paper and physical storage space. Equally the retrieval of a filed supplier invoice to answer a query can be time-consuming.


The Solution

Profitsflow’s partner, Exel Computer Systems, have come up with a packaged solution to vastly improve this process, making it more efficient and accurate. The solution is comprised of a desktop WiFi scanner, a predefined workflow process and on-site consultancy for the implementation of the solution.


The Scanner

Exel has selected the ScanSnap iX500 as their solution of choice for Invoice Scanning. This make and model has been selected based on it’s compact footprint, desktop placement, fast scan speed of 25 pages per minute and wireless connectivity.


The Process

The operator in receipt of the invoice registers this via EFACS , which generates a Purchase Invoice (PI) number. A 3 way match is conducted as usual, comparing the invoice received against the Purchase Order and Goods Received Note.

The user then feeds the document through the scanner. As soon as this is complete a window appears on the PC screen, where the PI number is input as a filename.

Within the same screen, the resulting file is placed in a folder which is monitored by EFACS. When a document is detected the filename is read, allowing EFACS to save the document within the Document Management module, referenced against the relevant Purchase Invoice.

The document is now saved to the EFACS Document Management system and is referenced against the Purchase Invoice, Goods Received Note, Purchase Order and Supplier.


Benefits to your Business

  • Automated process.
  • Document linked to multiple references.
  • Complete accuracy.
  • Document retrieval.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Allows the possibility of destroying the hard copy of invoice.


System Requirements

  • Version 8.5.6 MR33 or 8.6
  • Workflow
  • Document Management

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