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Benefits of EFACS E/8 in the Automotive Industry - ProfitsFlow
Benefits of EFACS E/8 in the Automotive Industry

Benefits of EFACS E/8 in the Automotive Industry

EFACS’ automotive industry clients include finished vehicles, as well as OEM automotive component manufacturers and aftermarket parts suppliers. With the assistance and flexibility of the EFACS integrated manufacturing system,each client is able to respond to their specific market pressures.

It is no surprise that EFACS is such a good fit for a sector in which the tools of manufacturing excellence and continuous improvement, such as Lean, Kanban and Just in Time (JIT) were first developed.


In the automotive industry, flexibility to changes in demand, combined with faster response times and greater economy, are driving forces throughout the automotive supply chain. EFACS is able to assist in meeting these challenges through elimination of waste, maximisation of efficiency and optimum utilisation of plant, inventory and personnel.


EFACS’ end-to-end integration of tender and supply chain management, materials resource planning, quotation, sales and customer relationship management into a single database ensures that pull strategy inventory, manufacturing and purchasing processes can be applied with great effectiveness. As can other tools of lean manufacturing, such as vendor managed inventory and consignment stock.


The EFACS browser based interface is easily deployed into thin client mobile devices and used with barcoding and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to provide highly responsive Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC). This real-time data on material consumption allows more effective planning than can be achieved using forecast values.

Production capacity planning can be optimised and smoothed and waste through delays minimised. Barcoding and RFID are technologies that can be used to streamline goods receipt, as well as assembly and dispatch of finished products.


Effective product life cycle management can be achieved using EFACS Engineering Change Controls (ECN)  and it’s fully integrated mechanisms for serial number and batch traceability. The EFACS inventory control procedures are easily to align with the stringent quality assurance and quarantine requirements demanded by the automotive industry. The capability for version controlled document management and the option to link CAD/CAM systems to bills of materials all make EFACS the ERP system of choice for the automotive industry.

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