At we pride ourselves in the quality of our training services. Over the years, we have learned that this is where the difference between a succinct, successful implementation and an prolonged project lies.  Properly trained personnel will take to the system quicker, and be more efficient in their roles from the outset.

We provide all of our customers with both functional and technical courses to cover all EFACS Modules and Supporting Technology, enabling you to yield maximum benefit for your business. Our Course Trainers have extensive practical knowledge of the technology or module they are presenting and are very experienced in the provision and delivery of training.

We can provide two standard methods of training to suit different requirements:

  • Customised or standard courses for one customer.
  • Classroom training for a number of customers.

Our training can be undertaken either at our customers premises or at an offsite location as required.  Often it can be beneficial to conduct training offsite, as it removes day-to-day distractions, giving the content of the training the focus it requires.  We can also provide customised training for specific needs in consultation with the customer.

Once initial training has taken place, our implementation team can help to map EFACS E/8 to your company’s business processes, ensuring the smooth and efficient take-on of the new computer system.