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Food & Drink Manufacturing Webinar – Friday 8th May, 10.30am - ProfitsFlow
Food & Drink Manufacturing Webinar – Friday 8th May, 10.30am

Food & Drink Manufacturing Webinar – Friday 8th May, 10.30am

Profitsflow.com presents our ERP for Food and Drink Manufacturing webinar on Friday, 8th May at 10.30am.

Are you Feeling stressed? Struggling to keep on top of stock, scheduling production and packing lines, managing recipes or batch runs, bills of materials, accurate costings? Suppliers not performing? Monthly accounts late?

If you recognise any of these symptoms, let us provide the antidote!

Join us for just 20 minutes online (from your own desk!) on Friday 8th May at 10:30am. We’ll show you how a modern, fully integrated ERP system can resolve these issues and get you home feeling fresh in the evening.

At Profitsflow, we provide EFACS E/8 ERP software to manufacturers and food companies all over Ireland. From back office processing through to management of resources and businesses departments, the system comprises an integrated suite of software modules meaning data is entered once and flows automatically and seamlessly through the system.

This software allows you to manage the entire business with modules covering

  • Raw ingredient management
  • Warehousing and stock control
  • Product recipes, with variations and revision control
  • “Farm to Fork” traceability
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Quality control, incorporating Vendor Performance and reporting
  • Rapid telesales order entry
  • EDI capability
  • Reporting and KPI analysis to facilitate “reporting by exception”
  • Delivery management and tracking
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Advanced Planning System incorporating Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • Full accounts module
  • Fairtrade/organic reporting

Places are strictly limited so to book your spot, please register here.

This is the last in the current series of Food ERP webinars, but if for any reason you can’t make this one, please let us know as we are pre-registering interest for our Summer series.

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