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Profitsflow ERP Information Day – Co. Wexford 2023 - ProfitsFlow
Profitsflow ERP Information Day – Co. Wexford 2023

Profitsflow ERP Information Day – Co. Wexford 2023

We had our second successful ERP Information Day of the year which we held in our local county of Wexford. The event was held in The Clayton Whites Hotel in Wexford Town.

We were delighted to finally organise an ERP Information Day in our local county of Wexford. It has been 5 years since we last held an event like this here, so it was well overdue. For those who don’t know our ERP Information days are aimed at manufacturing and field service companies that are looking to change their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution or implement it for the first time. We use these events to give the local companies in the area a comprehensive look at our ERP solution that can help streamline and improve efficiencies in their business.

The event began with our business development manager Eamonn Kelly, as he gave a PowerPoint presentation of our company which also contained an overview of our EFACS E/8 software solution. Following this, we had a small coffee break which gave the attendees a chance to chat with us while we were able to feast on some delicious pastries provided to us by the kind staff at Whites Hotel. After this break, our managing director Tadhg Henderson gave a comprehensive demonstration of the integrated modules within the EFACS software.

One of the great benefits of these events is that the attendees can get a visual representation of what their business could look like when using EFACS. During the demonstration they are welcomed to ask specific questions about the software and how it relates to their business processes. A regular question that comes up often at these events is how to capture and process data all while on the shop floor. EFACS handles this with its unique Mobile software SFDC. The recent introduction of a fully integrated Product Configurator allows for bespoke product design and automatic transfer of works orders directly to the factory floor.

We would like to sincerely thank the attendees for taking time from their busy schedules and coming down to the event. Due to their attentiveness and engagement the event was very informative and successful. We hope that they found it as useful and insightful as we did.

We will be organising our next ERP Information day in the coming months so feel free to follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook to stay updated on when and where these types of events will take place. Similarly, if you have any questions or queries about anything related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software you can contact us at info@profitsflow.com or call us on 01-244-9580.

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