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Rob Riccardelli Jr.

We came across Profitsflow while looking to replace our Alliance software. We wanted software that was similar to our current system or a system that would configure to fit our workflow. Profitsflow were very responsive to pre-sale questions and provided us with many demo sessions. Profitsflow feels more like a partner than a vendor, they […]

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Eamon Irwin

Smart Electronics came across Profitsflow by researching online. One of the biggest problems facing us when we were looking for an ERP system was that we needed to effectively manage production and stock control. We have been using the EFACS software for a number of years now and it works well for us. We felt […]

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Angela Walsh

We chose Profitsflow after meeting them at the ERP Head to Head event.  We felt that Profitsflow best suited our needs as they are a local company of similar scale to us. The EFACS software was the best fit for our specific requirements, we needed a system to manage production and stock control, and we […]

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E. Boland

Cathx Ocean and Profitsflow have been working together for two years. We implemented EFACS as it was a good fit for our business. The software is innovative and has a depth and richness that other systems do not. EFACS integrates with our manufacturing operations, providing accurate information for bill of materials, stock controls and full […]

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Mary Tambling

Aragorn Services have worked with Tadhg Henderson and the Profitsflow team for many years. When we made the move to EFACS from Alliance, which had been our system for 17 years, the Profitsflow team were a great support. There was an adjustment period for us, but EFACS is very easy to use. We cannot recommend […]

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Brian Compton

Having worked with Profitsflow and EFACS ERP for many years, I cannot recommend them highly enough for implementation, support, development and training…

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