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Streamlining Sustainability: How Our EFACS /E8 Software is Improving Environmental Performance in the Manufacturing and Field Service Industries - ProfitsFlow
Streamlining Sustainability: How Our EFACS /E8 Software is Improving Environmental Performance in the Manufacturing and Field Service Industries

Streamlining Sustainability: How Our EFACS /E8 Software is Improving Environmental Performance in the Manufacturing and Field Service Industries

Our innovative software solutions are designed to help companies improve their environmental sustainability by reducing waste, minimising energy consumption, and promoting resource efficiency

The year is 2023, by now all serious manufacturing and field service companies are taking the necessary steps to reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability practices. They are not alone in this. We at Profitsflow are putting environmental concerns at the front and centre of our business, our strategy and our daily thinking. We are working with these companies to make a significant impact environmentally through the use of our very own software solution, EFACS E/8. We understand that these industries have huge potential to implement environmental efficiencies and sustainable practices through the implementation of ERP. How? You may ask. Well to give you an idea of what can be achieved here are a few examples. Implementation of an effective ERP solution reduces paperwork through manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies, it reduces travel (particularly with field service engineer’s route optimisation) and implementation of process based workflows enables data to flow through the business. Examples like these are perfect to explain why software solutions like EFACS E/8 are becoming an increasingly important tool in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

Many of today’s manufacturing and field service organisations have energy and environmental strategies in place. With EFACS E/8 these strategies can be optimised to exceed expectations. We know this as internally we have used the software to benefit our own environmental strategy. A module that automates the accounts payable function has eliminated the need for printing and filling out of invoices. This software automatically routes the electronic invoices received from suppliers to the ERP purchase ledger. The solution has been implemented all across Ireland and beyond by our current customers who are on a similar mission to get closer and closer to eliminate their use of paper and printed documents in the workplace.

Additionally, to improve environmental performance, manufacturing and field service companies can use data analytics to their benefit. EFACS E/8 can track the volume of paper saved on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. These analytics can also be applied to company meetings. If, like many, your company has incorporated online meetings, these can be tracked to provide information on travel distances saved through not attending these meetings in person.

Furthermore, manufacturing and field service organisations understand that to minimise their carbon footprint they must become more energy efficient. Again, the use of an effective ERP solution such as EFACS E/8 is unparalleled. Many companies at the moment are running their software solutions off of on-premises servers, while we are currently migrating many of our customers to cloud based systems. This can significantly reduce the companies’ power consumption. If these companies make the most of these cloud hosted systems they can remove up to four energy intensive systems from their premises. Energy efficiency is further improved through the reduction of waste. Particularly manufacturing companies who utilise ERP can massively reduce their carbon footprint by streamlining their production and procurement systems. This can ensure an optimal batch size is achieved each time.

It is undoubtedly true when it comes to streamlining sustainability, that EFACS E/8 can vastly improve environmental performance in manufacturing and field service industries. Organisations can use this software solution to make a positive impact on the environment all while achieving their business objectives. As the world faces the challenge of climate change and environmental degradation, the role of software solutions in promoting sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Companies that prioritise sustainability in their operations and leverage the power of technology to minimise their environmental impact are not only contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future, but also positioning themselves for long term success in a rapidly changing word.

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