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Profitsflow ERP Information Day – Shannon, Co. Clare 2023 - ProfitsFlow
Profitsflow ERP Information Day – Shannon, Co. Clare 2023

Profitsflow ERP Information Day – Shannon, Co. Clare 2023

We at Profitsflow had our first ERP Information Day of the year. The event was held in Treacy’s Oakwood Hotel in Shannon, Co. Clare.

It was a great day out in Shannon for our first ERP Information day of the year. We had the pleasure of meeting with a number of manufacturing and field service industries in the local area. We began the morning, by greeting our guests with some tea and coffee as well as some delicious pastries provided by the generous staff at Treacy’s Oakwood hotel. Once everyone was seated, Eamonn who is our business development manager here at Profitsflow gave a PowerPoint introduction of the company and followed this up by giving an overview of our EFACS  E/8 Software solution.

Following Eamonn’s presentation, we had a short coffee and networking break. During this break the attendees spoke to us about what software systems they currently used and how they would like to see it be improved upon. After the break, Tadhg, the Managing Director of Profitsflow gave a demonstration of the many integrated modules that are included in the EFACS software. This was followed by a Q & A session which gave the attendees the opportunity to ask about how the EFACS software can benefit their unique business requirements.

As time was limited it was impossible to cover all the functionality in EFACS however, we managed to cover some key applications such as Power BI and how it provides dashboards of key metrics and detailed drill down capabilities. Product Configurator along with how to enter and process a complete sales order. Shop Floor Data Collection which allows the user to capture data while on the shop floor and in real time transmit the data to the EFACS database. The Mobile CRM app was also displayed.

We must comment on and thank the attendees themselves who were very engaged through both the presentation and demonstration. This even continued through lunch where conversation on other various applications and issues were discussed.

We are looking forward to our next ERP Information day which will be taking place in the Clayton Whites Hotel, Wexford, on the 15th of March 2023. We are excited to have such an event in our local county as it has been a number of years since our last information day here. To find out more and to register for this event in Wexford you can click here.

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