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ERP: Helping to Future Proof Your Business

ERP: Helping to Future Proof Your Business

How can ERP help to future proof your business?

A company may decide to implement an ERP system based on a number of reasons. One of these reasons may be that the company is operating on a legacy system that is no longer able to provide value to the business. Or maybe the company is working off of disparate spreadsheets or a paper based system.

When implementing an ERP system, it is important that the chosen solution will be able to grow with the company in the future. This ensures that no matter what your business does, whether it expands production or diversifies, the ERP system will be able to support the business.


ERP systems help to automate tasks that are tedious and time consuming. Not only does this ensure that tasks are performed correctly, it also enables employees to spend more time on tasks, such as product development and improvements, innovation and more, that will help the business to grow.


ERP systems help to facilitate a flow of information through the entire business, there is no longer a need to have a separate system for each department. By connecting each department through an ERP system, the data that comes from the system shows a true big picture of the business. By having this type of information readily available, a business can make better informed decisions about their business as well as monitor and respond to any emerging trends.


Nowadays, it is more important than ever for employees to stay connected. With EFACS, employees can access the system via an internet browser, therefore it can be reached from home or when in the office. EFACS also has mobile applications, which can be accessed via a phone or tablet, while still receiving and feeding information to the live system. This connectivity ensures that no matter where an employee is working from, they can connect to the business, which may prove to be useful in an ever changing world.


Profitsflow provides the EFACS E/8 product. Starting out as an MRP system, EFACS has been constantly developed over the past 35 years and is used by thousands of manufacturing companies today. EFACS is currently running on Version 8.6.2, which features the improved MRP Workbench and the Advanced Product Configurator as part of the latest development.


If you are interested in viewing the EFACS software, get in touch with us and we can organise an online demonstration.

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