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How Can An ERP System Save You Money?

How Can An ERP System Save You Money?

A lot of companies talk about the cost of an ERP system. But let’s re-frame the question, how much money will it cost your business if you DON’T implement an ERP system?

When a company talks of implementing an ERP system, one of the biggest topics to discuss is cost. Many businesses will put off implementing an ERP system, purely based on the thought of how much the software will cost to implement.
But let’s re-frame the question, how much money will it cost your business if you DON’T implement an ERP system? How much money is your business losing over disparate systems?


While an ERP system is definitely an investment, there are many ways that ERP can help to save money in the long term.


A lot of companies will have a number of systems running within their business, say; one for accounts, another for the shop floor, and a separate CRM system. This translates to 3 different maintenance costs and 3 separate training costs.

With EFACS ERP, the system is fully integrated and encompasses modules such as:

  • Production & Scheduling
  • Parts
  • Stock Control
  • MRP
  • Finance
  • CRM
  • Suppliers
  • Customers & more

By investing in an integrated system, there is only one maintenance payment that needs to be made either each year or each month.



EFACS is an ERP system that is made for the manufacturing sector. Exact costing of each product is extremely important for manufacturing companies. If your company is basing the cost of products and production on spreadsheets or disparate systems, you leave yourself open to data duplication or manual error.

The integrated nature of EFACS means that information only needs to be entered once, and any changes to information, such as a reduction or rise in cost of materials, can be calculated within the system.

Below we have a testimonial from one of our customers, which demonstrates how costing works within EFACS:

“EFACS integrates with our manufacturing operations, providing accurate information for bill of materials, stock controls and full traceability, which is important for manufacturing. We know exactly how much each product has cost us by the time it leaves the factory.”

– Eugene Boland, Cathx Ocean


Real Time Data:

If your business is operating from a spreadsheet, or over a number of systems, chances are that to extract a report may take a few days. And during the time that it takes to create the report, the data needed may change! Within an ERP system, all data is live and any changes made to the data can be viewed in real time. This leads to up to date reports and information, ensuring better decision making capabilities. Nowadays, it is incredibly important for manufacturing companies to be able to be competitive in the marketplace. Having up to date data enables a company to make more informed decisions and helps in making the company more competitive.


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