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EFACS E/8 as a Cloud Hosted Solution

EFACS E/8 as a Cloud Hosted Solution

For many years, the EFACS E/8 product has been a platform independent, browser-based and web-enabled enterprise ERP solution. However until recently the software was in the main delivered via an on-premises server. Even so, from the point of view of both the software developers and the customer, web-based software has been the obvious choice for more than a decade for the following reasons:

Ease of Administration

Software is installed on the server only. No need for a client installation – users simply point their web browser at a URL which directs them to the server.

User Friendly

Everyone is familiar with a a browser interface. The software is clean looking, logical but most importantly conforms to what users intuitively expect from it – a logical flow of screens delivered in a familiar environment and format.

Software code base

As the software is written in the latest internet technologies, it is easier to support, extend and even for customers to customise. Integration with other systems follows internet standard such as XML, while screen customisations can be delivered using a derivative of JavaScript.

Notwithstanding this, the EFACS cloud offering has initially been slow to take off as users have shied away from putting their mission critical data out of their sight and direct control. 2017 saw significant changes in this area however, and this will continue into the future.


Along with elsewhere, Ireland’s broadband infrastructure is rapidly expanding. Fibre is available now to most businesses. And the service is just about as reliable now as the electricity supply. This makes a hosted solution considerably more feasible.

Security of your data

Working in conjunction with our hosting partners you are assured your data is looked after better than you could hope for on your own server. The data is physically stored in highly secure data centres. Support is provided 24/7/365 with engineers constantly on call to resolve any and all issues as they arise. Enviornmental controls for temperature, humidity and protection against events such as storm, flood, fire etc. are standard. Data can even be backed up to multiple locations if required, to protect against major threats such as wars, natural disasters, etc.


As cloud and hosted solutions become more and more the norm, the cost of adopting a cloud infrastructure is reducing, making cloud a viable option.

Of course the fact that all versions of the EFACS E/8 product are web-based means that it is easily adaptable and can be moved efficiently from an on-premises to a hosted server – it can be done overnight. Right now, many of our current on-premises customers are evaluating running the system on a hosted platform, with a small number actually implementing. 2018 will be a big year to further boost cloud hosted solutions in the ERP market.

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