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Benefits of EFACS E/8 in the Agri Sector - ProfitsFlow
Benefits of EFACS E/8 in the Agri Sector

Benefits of EFACS E/8 in the Agri Sector

Due to the industrialisation of agriculture, there is a requirement for high efficiency in order to remain competitive. Each farmer has a specific set of needs and requirements and therefore systems needs to be in place which can be customisable and fit in with the individual unique requirements.

This was a requirement that O’Donovan Engineering also had when they began looking for ERP solutions. One of the most important considerations when choosing a new system was their unique market which is composed primarily of business to business customers. The majority of these are independent farms requiring customised solutions rather than an off the shelf product. Therefore O’Donovan Engineering required a system that was flexible enough to deal with these specific requests.

Profitsflow know that within the agri sector, no two businesses will have the same requirements, because of this, EFACS is a fully customisable solution designed to suit each specific need. EFACS E/8 is bringing real world benefits to organisations in many different industries by allowing a precise fit to their IT requirements, regardless of their size or the complexity of the manufacturing process

For businesses within the agri sector, seamless and full integration is essential and with EFACS you get a fully integrated solution covering the widest possible range of business functions. Built using the latest internet technologies, EFACS E/8 incorporates a wide range of modules including Product Management, Change Control, Manufacturing, Production Planning, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Finance, CRM, Field Service, Business Intelligence, Mobile and Touchscreen Applications, Document Management and many more.

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