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Your ERP Implementation Process With Profitsflow: In 5 Simple Steps - ProfitsFlow

Your ERP Implementation Process With Profitsflow: In 5 Simple Steps

EFACS E/8: Empowering Enterprises for a Brighter Future.

Is your company in the process of choosing a brand-new ERP software solution? Choosing the correct ERP system is a challenging endeavour, as you want to find the solution that will be the best fit for the organisation. However, finding the right solution for you is just the start. How the system is implemented can be just as important. We know this as we have been implementing our very own ERP software solution called EFACS since 2009. With well over 50 implementations on the island of Ireland alone to the manufacturing and field service sectors we have perfected how we implement EFACS. We want to share with you how exactly we achieve this and what steps we take to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Step 1: Start-Up

Once an organisation has chosen EFACS to be their new fully comprehensive ERP solution we can start the implementation process. This will begin with a planning meeting where the companies project team Leaders are identified. Profitsflow dedicates an experienced project manager for the entire duration of the project to liaise with this team. In this first initial phase, we will get a full understanding of what you want in your ERP system and set a Go-Live date which is when you want your system to be up and running. Due to the innovative nature of EFACS, we can help mould the software to specifically fit your business requirements.

Step 2: Training Workshops

Once we have a full understanding and grasp of what your system is going to be like we can begin the process of organising training workshops. Our ERP experts will work with you, department by department to train users, determine your data migration requirements and with your input, configure your ERP solution to your exact requirements. These workshops will take place via on-site visits to the company site, and they will also take place online. This allows the training to be completed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Step 3: Consolidation

This stage is achieved once all workshops, configuration and training are fully complete. Once we have reached this stage your team will have a much better understanding on how to use the software effectively and we will have brought every part of your business into one fully integrated solution that is specifically tailored to you.

Step 4: Pilot

This is the final testing phase of the implementation process. Here, the system is operated as if it were live, with users testing each functional area. This is known as user acceptance testing. This is a crucial stage when implementing your new system that is completed approximately 6 weeks out from your Go-Live date which would have been set in step 1. The Pilot stage will help uncover any anomalies in the system that can be addressed and fixed before Go-Live.

Step 5: Go-Live

This is the final and most exciting step. The final data transfer is completed, and we work closely with you to address any user issues on the day. The system is then signed off as operational and you can now celebrate and enjoy using your new system.

Click here to request the full in depth Implementation Process.

With these simple 5 steps organisations in the manufacturing and field service sectors can fully implement EFACS and begin reaping all the awards associated with the fully integrated system. If you wish to get more information on EFACS and what exactly it can do you can click here. Similarly, if you wish to keep up to date with the latest news surrounding ERP you can follow us on our social media pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. If there are any questions that you need answered regarding EFACS or the implementation process, please contact us by calling our office on 01-244-9580 or email us at info@profitsflow.com.

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