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Spotlight Series: Shop Floor Data Collection - ProfitsFlow
Spotlight Series: Shop Floor Data Collection

Spotlight Series: Shop Floor Data Collection

Within the EFACS E/8 software, there is the Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) module. This easy to use module allows the user to capture data while on the shop floor, with the data being transmitted in real time to the EFACS database.

The SFDC module is fully integrated with the rest of the EFACS software and is accessed on touchscreen devices through an Android app.


The SFDC module is accessible through an Android App and is connected to the EFACS software. The data is captured on the touchscreen device via barcodes. These barcodes can be scanned with the touchscreen device or barcode data capture terminals on the shop floor.

All data is transferred to the back office over a secure WiFi connection.


Benefits for your Business:

  • The SFDC module collects data on the shop floor and sends the information to the back office in real time. There is no batch processing time with the SFDC module, ensure up to date information is accessible throughout the business.
  • The real time data that is captured on the shop floor is sent to the back office machines, producing more accurate reports, and aiding in improved forecasting and scheduling.
  • The user no longer has to rely on paperwork or being located near a laptop or PC to input data. Instead, users have access to either a hand held or wall mounted touchscreen device, on which they can manage and record Work in Progress (WIP).
  • Staff in workshops, dispatch bays and warehouses can use the SFDC module instead of relying on paperwork, meaning there is less room for error and data duplication.
  • Changes in stock, materials or labour can be easily recorded and processed via the SFDC device.
  • Reduction in administration duties leads to improved flexibility and productivity.
  • The logging and processing of real time data between shop floor and back office can potentially lead to faster loading time and reduced waiting times for the customer, leading to improved customer service.



What is available within the SFDC module in the EFACS software:

  • Delivery picking.
  • Stock taking.
  • WIP booking.
  • Time and attendance (clock in and clock out).
  • Stock movements, receipts, issue and enquiry.
  • Stock quality assurance.
  • Works order receipt.
  • Receive purchase orders.
  • Advice notes.

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