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Spotlight Series: Planned Maintenance Module in Eagle Field Service Software - ProfitsFlow
Spotlight Series: Planned Maintenance Module in Eagle Field Service Software

Spotlight Series: Planned Maintenance Module in Eagle Field Service Software

In this blog post, we will delve into the Planned Maintenance module that is available in the Eagle Field Service software.

This module allows the business to record what equipment their customers have on site that will need maintenance. This module can also record changes to the equipment and allow new contracts to be produced when changes occur, producing a new pricing contract annually.

The Planned Maintenance (PM) module gives the user an overview of all planned maintenance for the contract period, including the scheduling of appointments. This allows invoices to be produced as maintenance is completed or as the job arises.


Below we will discuss some of the features in the Planned Maintenance module.


Maintenance Contract Management:

This section of the module keeps record of what equipment customers have on site. The module keeps track of these assets and issues a maintenance plan. Each plan is created per contract and each contract can contain more than one item. Plans can range from minor repairs to annual servicing.

The Planned Maintenance module allows the user to produce a contract and allocate time and resources to that particular project. Because these contract are produced so quickly, dates for maintenance can be agreed well in advance.


Engineering Scheduling Board:

Each contract is accessible through the Engineering Scheduling Board. Information relating to contract history and upcoming jobs are available on the Board. When a contract goes up on the Board, it includes all the jobs and resources that are scheduled for that contract.

Within the Scheduling Board, the user can enter a planned maintenance visit, a job that will be completed within an allotted amount of time, or a reactive visit, which is based on targeted response time.

The Board features a Rule Engine component. The Rule Engine recommends relevant engineers and utilises the real-time route planner to curtail long travel times. To find the most relevant engineer, the Rule Engine considers the job requirements, travel distance and the area of expertise of the surrounding engineers.


Job and Visit Management:

The Planned Maintenance module groups jobs into visits, in order to reduce operating costs.

For scheduled maintenance jobs, an engineer can choose from a list of suitable outcomes to describe the work conducted while on the job, such as “pass or fail” or “repaired or replaced”. This means that engineers do not have to write up their own version of the results of the job. This leads to greater productivity on site and less administration for the back office, as the report goes directly to the back office.

When a job has been completed, time logged and resources used are logged in real-time. Using this real-time information, an invoice can be generated and sent to the customer upon completion.


Functionality Overview:

  • Different types of contracts.
  • Can schedule planned maintenance or reactive maintenance.
  • History of contract is easily accessible through Scheduling Board.
  • Invoices are automatically billed to the customer.
  • Facilitates real time data for engineers and job outcomes.


Benefits For Your Business:

  • Produces annual contracts, complete with scheduled maintenance.
  • Dates for maintenance are agreed at an early stage.
  • Encompassing view of each contract, encouraging better customer support.
  • Resource planning and scheduling can aid in calculating how profitable each contract is for your business.
  • Real-time information logging means less administration errors.
  • Accurate data produced, using these modules, means the business can make better strategic decisions.


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