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Spotlight Series: Remote Workers & Mobile Data - ProfitsFlow

Spotlight Series: Remote Workers & Mobile Data

Nowadays, businesses find it hard to be competitive in an ever changing business environment. Customer service has always been used as a point of differentiation for many businesses.

It is vital that field service providers deliver outstanding customer service in order to be competitive. Remote workers can find it difficult to meet agreed upon service levels, as remote working can lead to inefficiencies and inaccurate data.

Eagle Field Service can alleviate these constraints through the Remote Worker module.

Through the Eagle Mobile software, service engineers have real-time access to cases, visit information, schedules and documents. Engineers can use this module to update cases as they are on the go. This is then fed to the back office, providing the company with a real-time overview of what is going on inside and outside of the company.

While out of the office, engineers can audit and update key customer information. While on a job, an engineer can use their handheld device to take photos, attach documentation to a case and record customer signatures.

While on-site, engineers can use their devices to capture vital information which is immediately send to the back office. Once this information is sent, this can trigger remedial actions, if that has been set up in advance. An example of this would be, an engineer completes a job and inputs this action into the handheld device. Once the back office receives this notification, an invoice is triggered and sent to the customer.

For some companies, it is vital that an engineer can manage their own stock levels. The Eagle Field Service mobile software enables engineers to do this, along with allowing them to place a purchase order request, receive goods directly to their location and to move stock to another engineer.

The Eagle Field Service mobile software allows engineers to simplify their working day.This software is flexible enough for any service operation, including:

  • Field Service Engineers
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Installation Commissioning Engineers
  • Asset Management


On and Off Line Work:

This module can work on or offline. It can be utilised on a smartphone or tablet touchscreen device. Once a case has been assigned to an engineer, the case appears as an active job for that engineer. The case is updated in real time as the engineer can now book activities against that case.

If the engineer is working in an area that does not have WiFi or data access, or if the device is offline, all information to do with an active case is held on the device until the engineer can access mobile coverage. Once the engineer can reconnect their device, the information is synchronised to the back office.


Product Data Capture:

Each product has standard information attached to it which can be viewed by the engineer. This allows the engineer to action or pre-plan a job prior to arriving at the customer site.

The Eagle mobile software also has customisable forms which allows for the capture of additional readings, relating to specific business or product requirements.


GPS Tracking:

The Eagle Remote Worker technology records the GPS coordinates of each device. This happens during specific actions, such as travelling, arrival at the job, work completed and close of the job.


Signature Capture:

The engineer can use the handheld device to capture customer signatures. This helps to provide proof of service or delivery. It cuts down on administration work as the signature is sent straight to the back office from the device, the engineer does not have to submit signed paperwork.


Benefits for your Business:

  • Eagle devices work both on and off line.
  • Optimises engineers routes.
  • Provides accurate engineer and service data.
  • Faster response times.
  • Eliminates paperwork and chance of data duplication.
  • Assists engineers in organising their work day.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improves efficiency.

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