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Spotlight Series: Project Management Module - ProfitsFlow
Spotlight Series: Project Management Module

Spotlight Series: Project Management Module

The Project Management (PM) module can be found within the EFACS E/8 software. This module acts as a ‘project umbrella’, containing all the information regarding the initial tendering process and can be used for the subsequent management of a successful project.

The module has the ability to track the management of projects of varying complexities. This application can be used to calculate accurate costings for each project, including costs, and revenue from internal production as well as external installation and services.

A ‘project manager’ and ‘project stakeholders’ can be assigned to a project within the module, enabling all relevant parties to access information regarding the project. This ensures that any interaction that each person has with the project is visible within the Project Management application.

This module contains all communications, project activities, notes and documents attached to the project, which is accessible to all relevant users. This is crucial in the tendering process stage, as all of these materials need to be available to architects, designers, contractors etc.

Manage Projects:

To accommodate this new functionality, the Manage Projects application has been added to EFACS. From this application the user can manage:

  • Stakeholders
  • Quotations
  • Activities and communications
  • Contracts
  • Relevant notes and documentation

The application allows the user to manage all project related quotations, including progressing the quotation to a sales order or a standard contract. When a quotation is progressed to a sales order, options are provided to ensure that all relevant sales items are linked to the most appropriate contracts. The process of creating and managing processes is more efficient when all of the information can be found in one centralised location. This is all completed within the Project Management application.


To increase the efficiency of this module, some processes have been switched to automated and information connected to the project can be viewed and edited from within the Project Management application.

An example of this is if a ‘contact’ is attached to a project related quotation, the contact will automatically become a stakeholder on the project. Any information to do with that contact can then be edited via the ‘open contact’ option. This improves efficiency as the user does not have to go searching for the right contact in a seperate application.


Communication regarding the project can be carried out from within the Project Management module. Emails to stakeholders can be sent from within the application, in turn all communications will be logged against the relevant project, to provide a full communication history for each project. By utilising the Workflow and Communications Tracking modules any emails received with the project number in the subject line can be automatically attached as a project communication.

The Project Management application records the entire lifecycle of a project, from initial tendering process to sales orders and contract. The Project Management app ensures full visibility of the project timeline.


The following reports have been enhanced to include case-related costs and revenue items:

  • Report Contract Summary
  • Report Master Contract Summary
  • Report Contract Revenue Audit
  • Report Contract Costs Audit

A new Project Summary report provides a summary of the project, and via reporting drill-downs, users can view detailed cost and revenue for the underlying contracts.

Functionality Overview:

  • Projects are created against any prospect or customer.
  •  Different roles are assigned to each person related to the project.
  • All Project Stakeholders are categorised accordingly eg: Project Sign-off, Architect etc.
  • Quotations can be created, edited and progressed from within the application.
  • All communications and documentations are recorded to provide a full overview of communication history.
  • All transactions against a project can be viewed and progressed within the application.

Benefits for your Business:

  • Provides accurate costs and revenue from each projects.
  • Through a single application, users can access all information relevant to a particular project.
  • Ensures complete visibility of the entire project, including all personnel involved.
  • Workflow utilisation ensures project progression.

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