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Spotlight Series: Quality Module within EFACS E/8 - ProfitsFlow
Spotlight Series: Quality Module within EFACS E/8

Spotlight Series: Quality Module within EFACS E/8

Within the EFACS E/8 software, the Quality module connects several aspects of the business, such as the supplier details, works orders, stock, customers and workflows. The Quality Module ensure that any quality concern that is logged is recorded and supervised from the time the concern is flagged until resolution.

Logging and Assessing:

There are several ways in which a quality concern can be flagged by the system. A quality concern can be triggered by a customer return, a works order, a purchase order receipt or can be issued from an action issued by an internal business process.

If the data links to an existing supplier or customer record, appropriate data fields will be automatically filled with data, providing accurate and linked data which aids in reducing inputting time.

Logging fields are provided for inputting data regarding key quality concerns. This includes the source of the concern, where the problem occured, categorisation of the concern, severity level of the concern and the outcome of the problem.

Within this application, full batches or part of batches can be removed from the stock. If it is only part of the batch that is rejected, only the stock marked as faulty will be removed from the batch. From this screen, all stock batches that were affected can be identified, quarantined to stop further use, rejected by the company and if necessary, returned to its supplier.


Corrective Actions:

A quality concern can be assigned to a specific user or “owner” for different stages. A list of recipients is also attached to each stage.

Within the corrective actions a full record of quality concerns, corrective actions and all communications are linked to the quality concerns.


Workflow and Communications:

This module allows the user to introduce process checks and approval stages for all general and corrective actions.

The workflow module also sends automated emails to suppliers and customers for information and tasking objectives. Communication threads can easily be found by authorised users.


Analysis and Vendor Performance:

This module introduces demerit values in order to produce accurate performance analysis of suppliers. Demerit values are placed against supplier delivery performance and pricing.

This module also features a reporting tool which allows resolved quality concerns to be reported for output, giving a thorough view of the supplies.


Functionality Overview:

  • Creating quality concerns.
  • Logs a life cycle of quality concern, from initial concern to resolution.
  • Features a complete communications log.
  • Easily identified affected batches.
  • Vendor performance module.

Benefits for your Business:

  • Demerit values in Analysis and Vendor Performance module ensure that suppliers are supplying good quality products.
  • Full traceability.
  • Improved response times leading to better customer service.
  • Eliminates the misallocation of stock through Logging and Assessing application.

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