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Spotlight Series: Fingerprint Reader - ProfitsFlow
Spotlight Series: Fingerprint Reader

Spotlight Series: Fingerprint Reader

EFACS now has fingerprint technology within the Time and Attendance module to help improve efficiency and accuracy of clocking in and clocking out for users.

Time and Attendance:

Within the Time and Attendance application, there is an In/Out Monitor. This allows the user to see who is on site and who is not. The Time and Attendance module allows users clock in and out with either their fingerprint or barcode scanners. When a user clocks in or out, the information is fed back to the EFACS system to ensure that all clockings are valid and consistent.

Fingerprint Readers:

The fingerprint reader is a faster and more reliable way of clocking than printed barcodes. Each business can choose how many touchscreen devices they need, one for the company as a whole, one each for specific departments or for individual work stations.

When a business implements this module, or when new staff join the company, an administrator would input the fingerprint of each member of staff via the Administration application. Staff will be promoted on-screen to place their finger on the scanning device. There will be several scans to ensure that there is an accurate depiction of the fingerprint and that the scan will work effectively. There is the option to scan all ten digits against members of staff.

When using this module, users will be shown an easy to use screen made up of tiles, each tile representing a staff member in that area. The user has the option of searching by name or department if there is a large number of staff on the list. The user is then prompted to scan their finger.

If the scan is unsuccessful, the user will be prompted to try again after cleaning their finger. The user can be prompted to try another finger, clock in manually or to contact the administrator.

The data collected via the Fingerprint Readers can be used to calculate wage payments, with the option of standard and  several overtime bands to be calculated. This information can be used to generate reports or can be sent to a payroll system.

Crossmatch Fingerprint Readers:

The Crossmatch U.are.U 5300 is a compact single fingerprint reader designed to meet the high volume requirements of large scale commercial authentication processes. It is IP64 rated and highly resistant to chemical and physical damage, providing accurate and rapid

fingerprint authentication.

Benefits for your Business:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Complete visibility
  • Eliminates ‘buddy clocking’
  • Generates late and absence reports
  • Generates information for payroll

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