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Implementing ERP During a Pandemic

Implementing ERP During a Pandemic

As the country slowly starts to come out of lock down, companies are aware that getting back to work is bringing a lot of change.

Some employees are getting back to work at the office or factory, while others may still be working from home. Now is a good time to review how the business works as a whole. Going forward, how can departments and employees be connected, even when they are not in the same location?


One of the ways that this can be achieved is by an integrated ERP system. With the EFACS software, it is browser based, meaning it can be accessed by employees, whether they are in the office, on the road or working from home.


There are also a number of other ways in which EFACS can help employees with getting back to work with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Document Management:

EFACS Document Management is the perfect tool to help store and amend important documents, such as an updated Health & Safety Statements and Risk Assessments. Document Management can also be used to store and access all certificates related to COVID-19 training.


Contact Tracing:

In the event that contact tracing is needed, EFACS can help with employees in the office and factory, those working from home and also employees out on the road.

EFACS Time & Attendance module can be used by employees on site and those who are working remotely. The Time & Attendance module aids in keeping track of who is in the office and for how long. Clocking in and out can be done from a personal phone or tablet, meaning no contact with shared devices.

To help to combat the spread of COVID-19, the Government has recommended that employees are split into teams or set shift patterns, to ensure that the same people work with each other on each shift. With EFACS’s Capacity Planning module, schedules and shift patterns can be created to accommodate this.


For field service engineers using the Eagle Field Service software, each visit to a site or job is logged within the Eagle software, ensuring that there is a traceable list of all jobs carried out by each engineer.

If a company has sales representatives on the road during this time, the sales rep can utilise the EFACS Mobile CRM application to log each visit or interaction with a customer or a prospect, which would provide a record if the need for contact tracing were to arise.



If companies are receiving in stock, the EFACS MRP module can be utilised to help schedule these deliveries. This gives the user a level of control over how many deliveries, and subsequently how many people other than employees, are going to be onsite. By staggering deliveries, a safer work environment is created.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Profitsflow have continued to be there for their customers, delivering projects, offering continued tech support and going live with projects, all while complying with government regulations and working from home.


With Profitsflow, we can have your ERP system up and running in months as we have experience with delivering projects and training in remote sessions.

We understand that businesses are facing a variety of challenges with returning to work. To aid this, Profitsflow are offering EFACS on a subscription basis, to spread the cost of implementing an ERP system.  We also offer leasing as an option, through our leasing partner.


If you would like to find out more information about how Profitsflow have continued to operate throughout the pandemic and how EFACS can help with the return to work, download our ‘Implementing ERP During a Pandemic’ White Paper


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