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Alliance MFG to EFACS ERP Software - ProfitsFlow
Alliance MFG to EFACS ERP Software

Alliance MFG to EFACS ERP Software

Legacy ERP systems are ERP systems that are no longer being updated and in some cases, are no longer supported by the original author.

An example of this is the Exact Alliance/MFG software system,

support for this product was discontinued as of June 30th 2013. However, there are still a number of manufacturing companies out there using this outdated legacy software to help run their vital business functions. There could be many reasons why companies have continued to use this software instead of upgrading to a newer system. However, Profitsflow has a solution for these businesses.


Profitsflow has over 20 years experience in working with Exact Alliance. In those 20 years, the team at Profitsflow have carried out a number of migrations from Alliance to the EFACS E/8 ERP solution, helping customers throughout Ireland, the UK and the US make the move from Alliance/MFG to a modern, fully integrated ERP platform.


Leveraging the experience and expertise of the Profitsflow implementation team, the move from Alliance/MFG to EFACS can be done quickly and seamlessly. We can do an “out of the box” migration, meaning that the system could be up and running in weeks! Everything that you can do in Alliance/MFG, and much, much more, can be done in EFACS.


EFACS E/8 is a fully integrated, flexible and browser based ERP system, designed for the manufacturing industry. Built using the latest innovative technology, the EFACS solution incorporates a wide range of modules including Product Management, Change Control, Manufacturing, Production Planning, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), Finance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Field Service, Capacity Planning, Quality, Document Management and more.


EFACS can be deployed on-premises, as a cloud-hosted solution, or a mixture of both. Whatever way the system is deployed, there is no visible difference to the end user. EFACS licenses can also be paid on a monthly subscription basis, to spread the cost of the ERP system throughout the year.


If you would like to find out more about Profitsflow and how we can help your company in moving from Alliance MFG to EFACS contact us by emailing info@profitsflow.com or call us on 00353 1244 9580.

Testimonials from Previous Alliance Customers:

“Aragorn Services have worked with the Profitsflow team for many years. When we made the move to EFACS from Alliance, which had been our system for 17 years, the Profitsflow team were a great support. There was an adjustment period for us, but EFACS is very easy to use. We cannot recommend them highly enough, from system implementation through to training and support. We have had a very positive experience with Profitsflow, the support team are always easy to reach and willing to help. It wasn’t easy getting used to a new system after 17 years, but Profitsflow made the transition to EFACS easy.”
Electronics Manufacturer, Ireland


“We came across Profitsflow while looking to replace our Alliance software. We wanted software that was similar to our current system or a system that would configure to fit our workflow. Profitsflow were very responsive to pre-sale questions and provided us with many demo sessions. Profitsflow feels more like a partner than a vendor, they are very responsive to support tickets and the time difference between NY and Ireland hardly seems to be an issue. The highly-configurable nature of EFACS put us at ease, considering that EFACS is not tailored to the US market out of the box. The integration of the accounting modules within EFACS is more efficient than competitor software.”

Lighting Manufacturer, United States of America

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