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Financing & Leasing Options For Your ERP Project - ProfitsFlow
Financing & Leasing Options For Your ERP Project

Financing & Leasing Options For Your ERP Project

The decision to implement an ERP system can be a tough decision for any company. Once the decision has been made, the system still needs to be paid for. At Profitsflow, we understand that the decision to purchase an ERP system can be a vital one for an organisation. To make it more accessible for companies, Profitsflow have teamed up with GRENKE as a leasing partner, to ensure that finance does not hold you back.

Leasing Partner

GRENKE are Profitsflow’s leasing partner. Since 1978, GRENKE has been a reliable leasing and finance partner for companies that want to lease their infrastructure cost-effectively rather than tying up capital with Purchases. As an international financing specialist, GRENKE offers you concepts with the highest degree of flexibility and planning security. Our advice is guaranteed to be independent of vendors and banks. With GRENKE’s leasing offers, you always have the freedom to do what is best for your company. GRENKE can lease almost anything – our core business areas are IT, copiers and telecoms, but we can lease much more unusual items. Let your visions of optimal equipment become reality.


Your Benefits at a Glance


Purchasing outright ties up much needed capital that could be used elsewhere. Leasing allows companies to maximise funds and upgrade business requirements.


  • Fast turnaround time – 20 minute credit decisions
  • 100% financing on assets – no upfront payment required
  • Payment within 24 hours
  • Local teams – office and sales team throughout Ireland offering personal support
  • Independence – bank and vendor independent, your business, your choice
  • Maximum flexibility – free up much needed cash to retain liquidity for further investment
  • Simple, fast processes
  • eSignature – secure, fast and convenient
  • Customer online portal – secure and personal for convenience


Benefits of Leasing


  • Independence: Instead of having credit lines at your bank or on your own balance sheet under strain, you retain liquidity for further investments.
  • Planning Security: Spread your acquisition costs over the life of the equipment and pay the installments with the income you generate with the equipment while using it.
  • Flexibility: Use the latest equipment and do not tie capital to equipment that depreciates quickly.
  • Service: Your reseller handles all of the formalities and processes the leasing request with GRENKE.


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