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ERP Information Days 2017 - ProfitsFlow
ERP Information Days 2017

ERP Information Days 2017

In 2016 we launched our ERP Information Days, with two half day sessions targeted at companies at various stages of the selection process looking at a new ERP software solution.

In 2017, we are taking the event nationwide, with four dates in Cork, Galway, Dublin and Belfast allowing manufacturing and field service companies throughout the country the opportunity to see the Award Winning EFACS E/8 at a location convenient to them.

The 2016 events saw companies from a wide spectrum of industries and various locations around the country attend.  All were agreed that the format worked well for them by giving them the opportunity to get a feel for the solution, ask some high level relevant questions and generally gather information all the while gaining knowledge of how other companies go about the process.

The first event took place at our own offices in Arklow, Co. Wicklow where we welcomed representatives of eight separate companies.  Although not the most central location for many, it was generally felt to be a useful exercise to meet the vendor at their own premises.   The event was hosted primarily by Tadhg Henderson, Profitsflow Managing Director, who took the attendees through a background presentation on Profitsflow and how we work with clients, followed by an initial overview of the software.  After a refreshing coffee break, the next hour and a half was spent covering a detailed demonstration on the software, with various questions posed by participants and answered during the course of the presentation.  This was followed by a networking lunch.

In September, our second event was located in Dublin adjacent to our EFACS User Group meeting which ran concurrently.  The reason for scheduling the two events at the same time was two-fold: prospective customers had the opportunity to engage with existing users, and also Exel Computer Systems were on hand on the day to launch the brand new EFACS E/8 Version 8.6 in Ireland.  The new software, adaptable easily to a cloud or on-premises installation and quickly inter-changeable between the two, went down extremely well both with existing clients and those looking for a new ERP solution.

In 2017, we will extend the number of events countrywide to 4.  Below are details of the dates and locations, to register simply follow the links.

February 8th, Cork

April 4th, Galway

June 8th, Dublin

September 12th, Belfast


Feedback from the Audience

An excellent opportunity to see the software at an early stage without committing someone to do a full detailed presentation at our premises.  Definitely a valuable exercise, would recommend to anyone considering implementing ERP.
Engineering Manufacturer, Carlow

It is great to get the opportunity to meet others going through the same process, even if just to compare notes.
Plastics manufacturer, Dublin

Looks like a great product, I enjoyed to opportunity to see it but also get a feel for how other companies also considering the move to ERP see Profitsflow and EFACS.  Great presentation, thanks for the lunch!
Food manufacturer, Wexford.

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