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Cloud or on-Premises ERP? With EFACS you can change your mind later! - ProfitsFlow
Cloud or on-Premises ERP? With EFACS you can change your mind later!

Cloud or on-Premises ERP? With EFACS you can change your mind later!

October saw the official launch of EFACS E/8 Version 8.6.  With a brand new user interface building on the deep, integrated and user-friendly functionality of prior EFACS releases, 8.6 sees a clean “Windows 10” style tile based menu system incorporating embedded dashboards and a streamlined menu structure.

It has proven massively popular in the market with prospective clients looking at it for the first time in general agreement that it is easy to follow, understand and use for new and inexperienced users.

This was proven at the ERP HeadtoHead event in Dublin on October 18th & 19th where Profitsflow were crowned Best Vendor Demonstration 2016 with the EFACS product, fighting off competition from SAP, Microsoft (NAV and AX), Oracle, Sage, IFS, Infor, QAD and Netsuite.

But what does this really mean for users?  Put simply, although quietly launched by its author, Exel Computer Systems, this is one of the biggest stories in the ERP market in recent years. We are not aware of another product that can be seamlessly and efficiently moved either direction between on-premises and the cloud without the user noticing any difference.  This is almost as revolutionary as the invention of the Copy & Paste function.  Sure it was possible before, but this makes life so much easier.  As an ERP strategy, you can choose a deployment option, but can easily change the option chosen in the future – be that in a couple of months, or years,  or decades.  No fuss, it can be done in a matter of hours.

Because the entire system is web-based, whether you run from your own on-premises server or from the cloud, what users see is exactly the same either way. Plus there is a significant reduction in the administrative burden – no need to install or maintain client software.  All software is installed on the server so when an upgrade is deployed, users get access to it immediately.

The introduction of embedded dashboards means authorised users can either connect to the Microsoft Power BI system which delivers advanced Business Intelligence dashboards allowing interactive slicing and dicing of data, or use the inbuilt dashboards delivered via the BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool) system.

The EFACS E/8 product is a perfect fit for Irish Manufacturing and comprises a series of fully integrated modules, all of which are authored in the UK by Exel Computer Systems.  These modules include

  • Product Definition and Bills of Materials
  • Resource management
  • Hazardous Goods
  • Stock Control
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain
  • CRM
  • Quotations & Estimates
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Time & Attendance and Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Quality
  • Document Management
  • Accounts
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Finite Capacity Planning
  • Advanced Customisation
  • Reporting & Dashboards


Take our word for it, EFACS E/8 Version 8.6 is going to be big in 2017!

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