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Top Tips on Choosing an ERP System

Top Tips on Choosing an ERP System

Choosing an ERP system can seem like a daunting task. It is a big undertaking but in the end it will streamline your business workflow. If you are thinking of implementing an ERP system, consider our top tips for choosing an ERP system that is right for YOU.

  1. Every business operates in different ways, because each business has different needs. When you start to think of implementing an ERP system, stop and ask yourself, “What makes my business different? What specific functions does this software need to have in order to support my business?”. Prioritise these functions if they are a necessity for your business.
  2. Setting up an ERP system can be a costly process. Bear in mind that there are the initial costs of implementation,  as well as customisation, costs to how many users will have access to the system and potential upgrading costs.
  3. ERP systems are an investment to bring your business forward. Will the ERP system you are considering be able to provide a functionality that you may need in the future that you don’t need now? Will it be easy to add this function at a later date?
  4. Research potential vendors and the software that they provide to find out how these systems keep up with new and upcoming regulatory requirements.
  5. When choosing a potential system, question whether the ERP system can easily adapt to any changes within your organisation, such as restructuring or a potential organisational change.
  6. Implementing an ERP system can be rolled out in stages or can be implemented in one go. Whatever way you decide to do it, all necessary staff will need to be competent in the new system. When choosing your ERP provider, assess what level of support and training is available from potential vendors. A common mistake that companies make is thinking they can save money by reducing the cost of training. This may save money in the short-term, but in the long-term, staff need to be confident and efficient when using the ERP system to get the most out of the software.
  7. We live in an ever changing world; one of the fastest changing aspects is technology. When choosing your ERP system, make sure that you feel confident that these potential system will be capable of changing with the modern world and with your business. Decide how dependent you will be on this integrated system, not only once it is implemented but also in the future. Are you comfortable with that level of dependence on the software that you have selected?


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