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Profitsflow Customer Day 2016 - ProfitsFlow
Profitsflow Customer Day 2016

Profitsflow Customer Day 2016

September 27th 2016 at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin saw the first ever gathering of Profitsflow’s EFACS and Eagle Field Service customers.

Representatives of companies as far flung as West Mayo, Louth, Cork, Limerick, Clare, Roscommon and even Birkenhead in the UK joined us and some of our Dublin based clients.  On hand to launch the latest and greatest version of EFACS yet was Jonathan Orme of Exel Computer Systems, the product’s author.

 After welcome coffees and introductions, the meeting was formally opened by Tadhg Henderson, MD of Profitsflow.  Greeting all of the companies and outlining the agenda for the event, he then introduced Jonathan Orme.  Over the course of the next hour and a half, Jonathan gave an insight into the product development roadmap for the coming 12 to 18 months and spoke about the structure and ethos of Exel Computer Systems, based in Nottingham.  He went on to give an overview of the all new EFACS 8.6 with its new interface, embedded dashboards and “Windows 10 style” look and feel.  This was very well received with many users commenting on how clean, modern and user-friendly the software looks.  We then paused for coffee and networking opportunities.

After the coffee break, we had a number of discussions and presentations kicked off by customers including

  • A presentation from Exitex Ltd. on automated routing of scanned paper documents which are electronically attached to the order they relate to in EFACS without user intervention
  • A presentation from Clancy Radiators Ltd. on automatic shop floor data collection and capacity planning which work hand in hand to provide real time performance and costings data on actual labour time and costs as they are incurred
  • A discussion initiated by Smart Electronics Ltd. on the project which they have just commenced to integrate their new production machines with EFACS to provide real time materials usage and traceability without user input
  • A discussion initiated by O’Donovan Engineering on the Quality module within EFACS and how they use it to track quality concerns through the system as and when they arise

There followed a general discussion, lunch and close.

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