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ERP solutions for Process Manufacturing - ProfitsFlow
ERP solutions for Process Manufacturing

ERP solutions for Process Manufacturing

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can have numerous benefits to a process manufacturing company. Manufacturers in Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Hygiene, or Chemicals are all great ERP candidates.

Below are the industry areas that highlight where an ERP system provides the greatest benefit. By implementing the real-time, integrated business information of ERP in these areas, you will see the most improvement in your operations. When integrated with an ERP solution you will see how much higher your levels of productivity and profitability can rise.


There is a remarkable amount of information to consider regarding the manufacturing processes in these industries. An ERP significantly streamlines the information processing involved in production planning and scheduling, formula and recipe management, and nutritional or chemical properties. Using an ERP to manage your process manufacturing allows all of your important data to be accessed in real-time, which eliminates costly errors, speeds up production, and greatly minimises the possibility of production delays.

Stock Control

Stock Control can be an extremely frustrating and expensive process when managed inefficiently. There are many processes an ERP can streamline including: the material requirement planning done by the purchasers to keep production moving, warehouse organisation and management to ensure correct inventory and material location, and the management of shipping, both in and out, adding even more information to be processed. Even if each of these areas are well run, there is still a need for constant and accurate communication. An ERP system makes this all possible, as it can help to eliminate production delays and ensure you’re profitable.


Providing your customers with an inferior quality product, even once, can spell disaster for process manufacturing. Not only do you risk losing a large client, you may now also have an unfavourable reputation. There are even potential legal ramifications that could cause your business to close altogether. An integrated ERP system will manage your processes including quality control, lot traceability, certification, and other important applications. When it comes to quality, there is no room for error, and an ERP system will manage your quality and all it entails to make sure you are protected.


From payroll to payables, your financial house must be in order to protect your company from problems and expenses. An ERP system provides that same real-time data that your company lives and breathes on. Additionally, it will allow anyone access to view and enter data at any time. You are protected from potential fines, losses, and mismanagement of your books and are better aware of everything happening with your cash flow.


The benefit of an ERP to your sales process should not be overlooked. An ERP system will provide customer resource management ensuring your customers will be given the highest level of service and attention. And happy customers stay customers. By using an ERP system, you are also able to manage your order entry and contract management to create a systematic flow that can help boost your sales and provide you with exceptional growth potential.

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