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Profitsflow ERP Information Day – Limerick 2024 - ProfitsFlow
Profitsflow ERP Information Day – Limerick 2024

Profitsflow ERP Information Day – Limerick 2024

 Location: The Maldron Hotel Limerick

Our first ERP information day of 2024 took place in the Maldron Hotel in County Limerick. We chose this area due to the high volume of interest that we have received from companies in the area who were looking into ERP software. For those of you who do not know us. We are a company based in Co. Wexford. We are the providers of the highly sought after solution EFACS E/8. This fully comprehensive ERP solution is specifically designed for companies in the manufacturing and field service industry. We regularly host these events all around the country each year. This gives companies an opportunity to see the software up and running in person.

This event began with our CEO Tadhg Henderson. He gave the attendees a brief introduction of who we are as a company and highlighted what was on the agenda for the day. Following this, Eamonn Kelly our business development manager gave the attendees an overview of the EFACS software and explained exactly how it can be ran and operated. Once this had concluded there was a short break to enjoy some tea, coffee, and some refreshments. This was also a good opportunity for the attendees to chat with us and ask any questions that they would like answered in the next part of the session.

Following the break, Tadhg stepped up again to give a comprehensive demonstration of the software. Here he was able to run some specific scenarios to show what EFACS is capable of. He explored each of the modules on EFACS and the floor was always open so the attendees could ask questions that related to their business. A real benefit to these sessions is that there is often a wide variety of companies that attend them. Some companies may be smaller in size and have just begun their ERP journey whereas other companies may have used various ERP systems for years and are looking to make a certain changes and improvements to their current processes.

The event concluded with a Q&A session followed by a bite to eat at lunch before everyone could make their way home. There was also a series of data sheets and brochures that the attendees were able to bring home with them. These had more details on some of the EFACS modules.

We would like to sincerely thank the attendees for taking time from their busy schedules and coming down to the event. Due to their attentiveness and engagement the event was very informative and successful. We hope that they found it as useful and insightful as we did.

We are currently organising our next ERP Information day which will take place in the coming months so feel free to follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook to stay updated on when and where this will take place. Similarly, if you have any questions or queries about anything related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software you can contact us at info@profitsflow.com or call us on 01-244-9580.


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