The EFACS MRP Workbench provides a single, central area to manage the entire MRP process, including all functional areas and reports.



Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a production planning and scheduling system used to aid the manufacturing process.

A computerised MRP system supports manufacturing companies with these three key objectives:

  • Ensure materials are available for production, and end products are available for customers.
  • Maintain the lowest achievable material and product levels in stock.
  • Plan your manufacturing activities, purchasing and delivery schedules.


Why should your business use MRP?

If people within your business are asking the following questions, then you should consider using MRP to help you manage your manufacturing processes:

  • What do we need to buy?
  • How much do we need to buy?
  • When do we need it by?

An MRP system helps to balance supply with demand. A well implemented MRP system will improve productivity, decrease inventory, improve estimated delivery date accuracy and increase profitability.


EFACS has included MRP functionality for over 30 years and Exel has a huge amount of experience implementing MRP systems into a wide range of different industries and sizes of company.

The EFACS MRP Workbench

EFACS version 8.6.2 (launched June 2019) sees the inclusion of the new EFACS MRP Workbench.

The EFACS MRP Workbench has been designed to provide an enhanced visual aid to improve the accuracy and efficiency of materials planning. The Workbench also provides a dynamic way of interacting with data within a single application.


MRP can be run in three distinct modes - purchased parts, manufactured parts and as a single ‘holistic’ application to provide the functional areas required for both manufactured and purchased parts.

Options are provided to run MRP straight from the applications, however, this can still be run via a schedule.

The main MRP Workbench screen will open with a view of all parts and their status. Here you can globally change your supply and demand profiles for required parts. Should you have previously made changes and subsequently wish to revert to the original recommendations from the last MRP run, there is a ‘Recalculate all supply’ option

You are easily able to over-ride an MRP schedule and can change a previously selected item from a purchased part to a manufactured part, and vice versa, allowing you to mix and match the supply chain at ease.







To download this information please click  MRP Workbench Datasheet