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Do not Settle for Outdated Systems and Processes: Upgrade to ERP for Streamlined Operations and Increased Efficiency

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"Unlocking the Full Potential of your ERP Investment: Strategies for Maximising ROI.

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Unlocking the Power of Synergy: Seamlessly Integrate Your Business Systems with ERP for Optimal Operations

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Our innovative software solutions are designed to help companies improve their environmental sustainability by reducing waste, minimising energy consumption, and promoting resource efficiency

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Wednesday, 16 September 2020 16:57

Irish ERP Market Survey 2020

The biennial Irish ERP Market Survey for 2020 is open for entries until September 30th!  All entrants will be entered into our free draw for a €300 One4All Voucher, and a free copy of the report when completed. 

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Most manufacturing businesses will have it’s own way of managing their business.

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Within the EFACS E/8 software, there is the Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) module. This easy to use module allows the user to capture data while on the shop floor, with the data being transmitted in real time to the EFACS database.

The SFDC module is fully integrated with the rest of the EFACS software and is accessed on touchscreen devices through an Android app.

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Monday, 13 August 2012 01:00

Project Management

With 15 years experience in implementing mission critical enterprise software solutions, profitsflow.com can provide an expert end-to-end service for delivery of a fully functional ERP solution. We have a team of highly trained implementation and support consultants whose role it is to ensure that all installations are carried out successfully so that the maximum benefits are achieved.

Core to this process is Project Management. At the outset, profitsflow.com will appoint a project manager to steer the system implementation from our side, allocating resources as and when required, providing a detailed project plan for the agreed strategy and supplying regular updates to the client's project manager.

Each project is evaluated, simulated and controlled on its own merits. The strategy behind our project management program follows proven successful and logical steps. Our methodology is designed to ensure that all aspects of any implementation are comprehensively evaluated, documented, actioned, reviewed and developed for each project against the business needs and resources of each individual customer.

Profitsflow.com's comprehensive implementation process enables those companies that require a fast implementation to move the project forward quickly and efficiently from day one where resources are available. We have continuously evolved the implementation methodology by taking advantage of latest technologies, new legislation, experience and best practice. We provide two approaches for implementing your EFACS system: a Business Review Approach and a Business Defined Approach.

The Business Review Approach is based on the premise that our Implementation Consultants will train you in all aspects of the EFACS business system. Then in conjunction with us you will review your business processes and procedures and choose the most appropriate EFACS configuration settings and options in order to allow you to run your business as efficiently as possible.  This option assumes a high level of client-side participation in the process, with typically two to five existing IT resources in place.

The Business Defined Approach to implementing EFACS is best suited to companies who do not wish to radically alter their existing internal procedures and processes. If you have previously reviewed and improved your procedures you may need EFACS to dovetail with these existing processes. The EFACS training and consultancy provided by us will therefore be tailored to the specific way in which EFACS is required to work for you. This will typically involve modifying EFACS through customisation, configuration and sometimes bespoke modification.

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