Friday, 30 November 2018 11:39

Reasons to Begin Your ERP Journey in 2019

The New Year is the time for making resolutions to change habits. Businesses are no different, with many companies pursuing an ERP implementation, or replacing an existing ERP system, when the new year comes around. Are you or your company thinking about pursuing an ERP project for 2019? 

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The Lumenia ERP Head to Head 2018 event is only weeks away. Profitsflow will be at the event for the third year running and all of us here at Profitsflow HQ are getting ready.

If you are attending the event, there are a number of things that you can do in preparation, during and post event in order to get the most out of ERP Head to Head showcase.

Read below for our guide!

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The electronics industry is faced with the most dynamic challenges of any industry. With fierce global competition these firms must compete with how rapidly they can develop and launch new products, especially when they are faced with constant change. In order to be competitive and effective, the firm must incorporate change as a normal business procedure. Implementing a highly-flexible ERP solution can help make some of these day-to-day challenges a little bit easier and therefore creating a more efficient workplace.


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Thursday, 08 September 2016 20:28

Your ERP Journey for 2017 Starts Here

The summer holidays are over, kids are back at school and now it's time to start thinking strategically for the coming 12 months.  How will your business look for 2017?  What major decisions need to be taken in the next month or two to ensure the New Year gets off to a good start?

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