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The largest industry in the world, the food and beverage industry is also one which is extremely regulated and requires full traceability, a task made easy with the EFACS E/8 ERP solution. Companies within the food and beverage sector require tailored solutions, in order to fit their exact requirements, with EFACS E/8 it is achievable as the software is fully customisable, suiting precise needs and requirements for an individual company. Easy customisation of EFACS means that familiar user friendly terminology can be used; works orders can become cooks plans, bills of materials become ingredients lists and routings become recipes.


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Tuesday, 20 February 2018 14:56

Benefits of EFACS E/8 in the Electronics Industry


The electronics industry is faced with the most dynamic challenges of any industry. With fierce global competition these firms must compete with how rapidly they can develop and launch new products, especially when they are faced with constant change. In order to be competitive and effective, the firm must incorporate change as a normal business procedure. Implementing a highly-flexible ERP solution can help make some of these day-to-day challenges a little bit easier and therefore creating a more efficient workplace.


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Wednesday, 04 November 2015 10:23

Selecting ERP in 2016? Here's our top 5 tips

If you have read some of the numerous ERP implementation disaster stories online, or even worse experienced it for yourself first hand, you may be thinking that embarking on a new ERP project for your business is a minefield and that it should be put off until the last possible moment.  However, in practice, where this approach is taken it is often left too late and the business suffers badly as a result of inefficient operation, lack of data and poor visibility.

Where budgets permit, bringing in external expertise in the form of a selection consultant is generally advisable, however for the SME this is not always possible.  In addition, available internal resource to commit to the project can be limited leading to a less than ideal selection process and ultimately impacting the system implementation and timeline.

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