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Problems tracking your sales process in Excel?

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Yes it's true - Microsoft Excel is a genius tool for many purposes of everyday business work. Starting from quick calculations up to complex lists with various formatting rules it seems as if nearly everything can be done with it. People got used to it over the years and learned the ins and outs. Whenever a new task arises that needs to be solved with a PC you automatically think about how it could be done in Excel.

That's where the problem starts: Because we know how to use Excel and we have started it so many times before, we tend to leave out the question for an alternative to it. Is that program really the right thing to manage your customers? What do you do if you want to edit the list on the way? You take a copy of the list (if you knew that you will need it - otherwise you can only create a plain new file) and make your changes. If two or more people do this it gets really hard to merge all the new data to back to the original.

It's not all about avoiding the major problems that you will face. Let us have a look at the benefits we gain by using real CRM software. Imagine how helpful it would be if you can assign your appointments to contacts. Everyone then can have a quick look into the journal to see what has been done with a selected customer in the past. If many users are working with the program it will soon get essential to have a solution that let you manage user profiles and access rights, just to make sure that only the appropiate users are allowed to make changes and see the detailed information.

These are only some benefits you gain by using a CRM system. Working in such an environment is totally different from the boring and endless lists of data that get more and more complicated to handle the longer they are. Modern software really energizes your business. All important information becomes visible with a mouse click or some keystrokes. Communication needs to be easy - otherwise it simply won't take place. You can't overestimate the power of regularly sent out personalized emails. From a CRM this happens with a few clicks.

So why do we need to think about all this? Isn't everyone using such profitable software? No - even nowadays most small to medium size companies rely on the usage of standard tools like Excel. And this is mainly because people do not know that there are solutions to this problem.  And they don't have to cost a fortune either.