Friday, 12 April 2013 11:47

Extend Your marketing Reach

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Web-to-Lead Capture Forms Collect Customer Data

Customizable web-to-lead capture forms that feed customer information straight into your CRM enable you to collect data on customers interested in your products and to finally understand who your customers are to shape your company's sales, marketing, and product strategies. Enroll those customers in tailored email marketing campaigns or use the data to assess who your most valuable customers are and to focus sales teams efforts on leads with those characteristics.

  • Creating and Embedding Web-to-Lead Forms 
  • Customize forms to collect whatever data you need using our easy form-creator and embed the form on any of your websites.
  • Information filled out by customers feeds straight into profitsflow(quick tip: studies indicate that contacting them within 5 minutes makes them 22x more likely to convert)
  • Profitsflow captures all of this information in a lead record and can subsequently start automated email marketing campaigns for them.
  • Use that information to learn about common characteristics of markets in which your products and services are in high demand.