Tuesday, 03 August 2010 13:51

Irish Cloud Application Firm for US Market Entry

Tuesday August 3rd, 2010
Cloud technology firm profitsflow.com announced today that they will be opening an office in Boston, USA in January.

The company was started by two Irish entrepreneurs, Charlie Melia and Tadhg Henderson in June 2009. Both founders came from the foreign multinational arena and each has ten years experience in developing, administering and selling commercial software to companies from small SME’s to large scale enterprise operations.

Project management is the bottom line when it come to effective marketing and sales conversions. It is now possible for the sales director to have access to sales dashboard software, allowing for maximum revenue through up to date sales and marketing tools. This campaign toolkit is centralised and expansive, facilitating a business strategy and allowing salesman reporting at the touch of a button. Enterprise cloud computing is quickly becoming an essential aspect of management systems and software. The profitsflow automated sales system can draw from your existing customer database and enhance your customer relationships. A modern sales and marketing strategy must involve contact management in order to reduce costs and increase sales. Profitsflow.com offers a sales opportunities database, leading to an increase in interactions with customers. An automated sales and marketing system, which facilitates a lasting customer relationship could be the centrepiece of your sales teams software. Customer relationship management and sales pipeline management will reduce costs and increase sales activity. The profitsflow approach to marketing software and sales management leads to better profits. To centralise your databases and have access to customers information in one easy to use management application will lead to less idle communication between your sales force, your existing customers and your potential leads.

Profitsflow.com's automated sales system will gather sales data, collate sales information and help monitor reps. With structured sales analysis at your finger tips, this integrated database system can draw from existing customer database, contact database, accounts software and more, help drive effective marketing campaigns. Both sales analysis and online customer service become a breeze, enterprise cloud computing in action. Integrated online call log system and online quote system prove inexpendable in maximising revenue. The profitsflow sales force automation software will increase sales activity greatly assisting effective marketing though centralised project management as a sales and marketing campaign system. Your sales strategy, marketing strategy and business strategy all become easier to manage with sales and marketing tools combined, your sales teams' software an aspect of your enterprise resource planning, all in one package. Reduce costs of marketing with effective management systems and software, improve sales conversions and maximise revenue.

In thirteen short months they have taken the company from a small home based office to a company  with offices in both Ireland and Leicester in the UK. Because the technology is cloud based all operations outside of sales are based at its Wicklow headquarters. This means that all new customers gained in both the UK and at its Boston office will be administered by Irish based jobs. The Boston office which is now on course to open in January will lead to an extra 10 jobs being created on top of the 20 announced in May by profitsflow.com

The Boston office will be a sales only office with 2 full time sales people to begin with and a country manager. All of the high end development and administration work will be done here in Ireland because of the nature of cloud computing. An office has been identified in the Waltham tech belt area of Boston and the hiring process is set to begin in October for suitable candidates to run the office.

In a comment, co- founder Charlie Melia said “This is a great boost for jobs in both Ireland and Wicklow. It shows that Ireland is ahead of the curve in the emerging cloud application area. It’s up to us to put an end to the over-reliance on IDA funded foreign multinationals who come in, bleed the country dry of funds that should be available to Irish owned and based firms, then disappear when the going gets tough. We’ve all read and seen the news lately as multinationals swarm off these shores to cheaper economies, while the IDA continues to promote Foreign Direct Investment as the only show in town.”

Tadhg Henderson added “Irish led job creation is the only sustainable model. Profitsflow.com will never move our jobs to low cost foreign economies. Creating employment here in Ireland is just as important to us as is making a profit. This has always been part of our company ethos.”

From the very beginning, profitsflow.com has had the full backing of the Wicklow County Enterprise Board.  From mentoring and training, to grant aid, the WCEB has been central to the success and growth that profitsflow.com has enjoyed since incorporation.

Profitsflow.com develops cloud based applications for sales, marketing and customer service. “Cloud Apps” are Internet based software that can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. This gives small and medium sized companies in Ireland, the UK and soon the US true mobility for their sales, marketing and customer service people. This allows for more face to face contact with customers which will turn into more sales, higher revenue and more profit.  Because of the innovative pricing model, these companies will be able to pay for the system out of cash-flow through a monthly payment instead of the traditional high initial payment and high yearly maintenance payment used by most software companies.