Sunday, 13 June 2010 20:41 New Clients

June 9th, 2010 is please to bring news of a number of new clients who we have added over the past month.


We welcome The Park Restaurant, Arklow who saw the need to automate their contact and communication with customers. Maintaining contact with previous customers via marketing campaigns is key to ensuring repeat custom in the highly competitve hospitality sector. Recognising this, The Park approached to help them automate their marketing.

Hisun Tecnhologies, specialist printers located in Wicklow, has contracted outsourced marketing service to run e-mail marketing campaigns for them.  While the company sees the benefit of e-mail marketing and the potential for significantly increasing business for them, they do not have the time and skills necessary to do it themselves.

Graphic Design Concepts, based in Killiney, is a graphic design and printing company who for many years had searched for a software system to automate the business.  The one problem was that the firms graphics programs all ran on Apple Macintosh systems and they did not want to work with programs on other platforms. The solution -'s web-based CRM system. The software is fully compliant with the Apple system since it is accessed via a web browser.

Dundrum House Hotel, set in rural Co Tipperary, is a magnificient, old-style hotel.  Dundrum had a requirement to keep in touch with its customer base. They wanted a system that could integrate with their internal booking system so that data could be automatically transferred from one to the other, the ultimate objective being to take full advantage of all a CRM system offers without having to change the existing booking system with which they are happy and comfortable.

Project management is the bottom line when it come to effective marketing and sales conversions. It is now possible for the sales director to have access to sales dashboard software, allowing for maximum revenue through up to date sales and marketing tools. This campaign toolkit is centralised and expansive, facilitating a business strategy and allowing salesman reporting at the touch of a button. Enterprise cloud computing is quickly becoming an essential aspect of management systems and software. The profitsflow automated sales system can draw from your existing customer database and enhance your customer relationships. A modern sales and marketing strategy must involve contact management in order to reduce costs and increase sales. offers a sales opportunities database, leading to an increase in interactions with customers. An automated sales and marketing system, which facilitates a lasting customer relationship could be the centrepiece of your sales teams software. Customer relationship management and sales pipeline management will reduce costs and increase sales activity. The profitsflow approach to marketing software and sales management leads to better profits. To centralise your databases and have access to customers information in one easy to use management application will lead to less idle communication between your sales force, your existing customers and your potential leads.'s automated sales system will gather sales data, collate sales information and help monitor reps. With structured sales analysis at your finger tips, this integrated database system can draw from existing customer database, contact database, accounts software and more, help drive effective marketing campaigns. Both sales analysis and online customer service become a breeze, enterprise cloud computing in action. Integrated online call log system and online quote system prove inexpendable in maximising revenue. The profitsflow sales force automation software will increase sales activity greatly assisting effective marketing though centralised project management as a sales and marketing campaign system. Your sales strategy, marketing strategy and business strategy all become easier to manage with sales and marketing tools combined, your sales teams' software an aspect of your enterprise resource planning, all in one package. Reduce costs of marketing with effective management systems and software, improve sales conversions and maximise revenue.