Our dedicated support team have years of experience in implementing and supporting business solutions. They are able to provide assistance throughout the implementation process and during ‘live’ operation, together with specialised assistance during key business activities.

We aim to mobilise appropriate resources to provide accurate and timely technical or software support in a manner exceeding that expected by the customer. We conduct continuous reviews of our support services in order to keep our customers as productive as possible and provide the best service.

Nowadays, remote support is enhanced from the traditional services of phone, e-mail and fax support by the ability to utilise remote access software to connect to a customer’s machine or even the ERP server. This vastly speeds up the support process where hands on access to the machine in question is required, and removes the necessity for expensive onsite visits. All technical support incidents are logged in our ticket management software, and the customer is automatically communicated with as the ticket is progressed to conclusion. Thus the customer is always "in the loop", without the need for unnecessary interruption.