Fuelled by strong export growth, the Irish manufacturing sector has evolved over the past decade. Now as we emerge from economic downturn, the challenge is to keep ahead of the competition. EFACS E/8 is the tool of choice to enable seamless flow of information across the organisation. Truly integrated ERP, which is a key requirement for most of our customers, it provides analysis and detailed reporting of all departments which allows management KPI’s to be produced instantly.

ERP Selection - White Paper 

EFACS is a comprehensive proven ERP solution. Highly flexible and designed to be adapted to the precise needs of each business, it is built with the latest software technologies. EFACS ERP integrates all functions of manufacturing and distribution businesses, allowing for seamless information flow throughout each department. Stock Control, Materials Requirements Planning and Finite Capacity Planning are all standard features which set the EFACS E/8 solution apart from generic accounting solutions with bolt on manufacturing modules.