EFACS ERP Version 8.6.2 Released

EFACS Version 8.6 is revolutionary.  Finally an ERP solution that you can simply move from your server to the cloud with no fuss, overnight, when it suits you.  Or move it back again.  The best bit is, end-users see no difference!

Key features

The latest version of EFACS E/8 includes the following new features:

  • Advanced Product Configurator
  • Material Requirements Workbench
  • Multi-browser support
  • Accent colours
  • VAT – Enhanced features for Making Tax Digital
  • Sales and Purchase Ledger recoding



Advanced Product Configurator

The Advanced Product Configurator is an “all new” Configurator that combines powerful modelling capabilities with intuitive configuration to make configuring even the most complex products simple to use.


The Advanced Product Configurator first allows the End-user to find products of interest by use of Search Categories. The selected product is configured via a number of Wizard-style Steps, guiding the user through the configuration process.

As options are chosen, the price is maintained on screen, together with an image of the product being configured. Sub-totals are provided for itemised options and accessories, where appropriate.

The Product Model to be configured is defined by the Product Expert using the ‘Product Modeller’ application. Both the Product Configurator and the Product Modeller use graphical displays to enrich the user experience.

Images used to illustrate products or features are imported en masse from existing graphics files.

Each Step can comprise of a number of components, namely Fixed Lists, Forms, Expressions and Information Messages. 


MRP Workbench

The Material Requirements Planning Workbench brings together the power of the established EFACS E/8 MRP engine with the suite of Auto-place order applications and supporting data.

Comprehensive search, proposed supply in-line editing, and detailed information tabs pull together all of the tools necessary to make informed decisions prior to automatically generating works orders, purchase orders and/or updated purchase schedules.

Supply calculation has been enhanced in this release to factor in carried-over quantities from preceding oversupply, resulting in more accurate recommendations.

Purchased parts now carry an auto-placement method which permits suppliers to be chosen by preference rather than best time/price. Schedules, rather than standard purchase orders, can also be specified as the preferred method of placement.

For suppliers who only deliver on certain days of the week, delivery days can be specified, to give more accurate date calculations.



Multi-Browser support

This release includes changes that allow Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Safari to be used as alternative browsers for Sapphire applications. If you only use Sapphire applications, then you may get a better experience using one of these browsers instead of Internet Explorer 11. We recommend using Chrome.


Accent Colours

We have introduced Accent Colours which can be chosen from the Appearance tab of the Settings dialog.

The Primary colour will define the background colour of the toolbar for Sapphire applications.

The Secondary colour will define the background colour for the Status Bar, Search Panel buttons, and selected grid rows.


The 8.6.2 solution has been received very well with existing customers and prospective clients alike.  It truly is a game-changer for us and for the ERP market as a whole.


To see the software in action, why not register for one of our regular webinars at profitsflow.com/webinars.