EFACS ERP Version 8.6.3 Released

EFACS Version 8.6.3 is revolutionary.  Finally, an ERP solution that you can simply move from your server to the cloud with no fuss, overnight, when it suits you.  Or move it back again.  The best bit is, end-users see no difference!

Key features

EFACS E/8 Version 6 Release 3 includes the following new features:

  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • BACS Runs
  • Delivery Loads
  • Low Stock Workbench
  • Contract Order Workbench
  • MPS Workbench
  • Business Documents


Cashflow Forecasting

Cashflow forecasting is used to predict cash inflows and outflows over time, to identify risk factors, and to ensure a business remains solvent. The EFACS E/8 Cashflow Forecasts allow EFACS E/8 Bank, Sales Ledger, and Purchase Ledger details to be used in conjunction with miscellaneous income and expenditure items that can be imported from a spreadsheet. The forecast can be for any number of Primary Periods and presents the data in both tabular and chart formats.


Delivery Loads

Key features of the application include:

  • Maintain delivery vehicles
  • Create single delivery loads
  • Generate multiple delivery loads based on your chosen schedule
  • Import pending deliveries
  • Import pending sales order items
  • Re-sequence the delivery load
  • Lock / unlock the delivery load
  • Despatch the delivery load
  • Generate delivery documentation.


Low Stock Workbench

The Low Stock Workbench builds on the power and functionality of the MRP Workbench, introduced in EFACS E/8 Version 6 Release 2 with a full suite of Auto-Place Order applications and supporting data.


Contract Order Workbench

This application brings together the power of the established EFACS E/8 MRP engine with the suite of Auto-place order applications and supporting data.

Comprehensive search, proposed supply in-line editing, and detailed information tabs pull together all of the tools necessary to make informed decisions prior to automatically generating works orders, purchase orders, and/or updated purchase schedules.

Supply calculation has been enhanced in this release to factor in carried-over quantities from preceding oversupply, resulting in more accurate recommendations.

Purchased parts now carry an auto-placement method which permits suppliers to be chosen by preference rather than best time/price. Schedules, rather than standard purchase orders, can also be specified as the preferred method of placement.

For suppliers who only deliver on certain days of the week, delivery days can be specified, too give more accurate date calculations.


MPS Workbench

Overview The Master Production Scheduling Workbench builds on the power of the established EFACS E/8 MPS engine and connects your live transactional data with a production plan grouped by periods.



Business Documents

A new system for defining and processing business documents has been introduced. This consists of the Business Documents application to manage the definitions – such as Quotations, Order Confirmations, and Invoices – and a generic Process application to process those documents by emailing or printing.

Key Features include:

  • User-defined business documents may be added without any coding or bespoke required
  • Supplementary pages may be embedded to the generated document report
  • Additional attachments may be included when emailing
  • Full control over the selection of the email recipient
  • Choice of whether records are automatically selected


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