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02.03.2021 11:30 am - 12:00 pm



This event examines a case study of an Irish company in the food and bevarages sector and the challenges it faced during the implementation of an ERP solution.  This webinar will discuss in depth the experiences of an ERP system implementation for a real SME food manufacturing company in Ireland.  FoodBev Ireland Ltd. is a provider of niche food products predominantly destined for customers in export markets of the UK, EU and USA.  It is a medium sized organisation with approximately 75 employees and turnover of approximately €8.5m.  (All names have been changed for anonymity)

Attendance at this event will provide you with an insight into some of the major issues faced implementing ERP in the Food and Beverages manufacturing sector, and how these were overcome.


Topics include


  • Company background
  • Why a new ERP system was needed
  • Implementation project objectives
  • Challenges encountered during implementation
  • Solutions employed to meet these challenges
  • Review of benefits post-implementation
  • Q&A session


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This webinar is expected to last 30-45 minutes and can be attended from any location (online.)