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20.02.2020 11:00 am - 11:30 am


Integral to the EFACS E/8 and Eagle Field Service products is the CRM module.  All manufacturing and field service companies have a need to gather information from customers and prospective clients immediately as and when it arises.  The key to an all encompassing CRM solution is in tight integration with data from other departments within the business.  This web demonstration explores the advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features and functionality available with the EFACS for Manufacturing and Eagle Field Service suite of products, and how they interact with other software modules and the relevant business departments.  Topics covered include

  • Prospect Management
  • Activities/calendar assignment and management
  • Pipeline and Quotations tracking
  • Conversion and accounts/operations handover
  • Communications tracking
  • The full 360 degree, integrated view of the customer
  • Dashboards, reporting, analysis
  • Mobile solutions