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23.07.2019 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Never was there more truth in the expression "Quality is king."  With much of Europe's repetitive and low-cost manufacturing gone East, what business remains here is hugely dependent on high quality and fast turnaround.  Those two forces left unchallenged can work in opposition to each other resulting in a high quality product that cannot be delivered on time or the opposite.   EFACS E/8 ERP for manufacturing has a configurable quality module at its heart.  You define the rules, the system enforces them - all the way from ontime delivery reporting through non-conformance reporting and everything in between.  This demonstration explores the many topics as well as integration with other modules within the system.    We cover

  • Vendor performance analysis (time, price, quality)
  • Stock segregation
  • Quarantine and Reject batch status and approval of same
  • Document management (cert of conformity, product spec., etc.)
  • Analysis/sampling/lab results
  • Raising Quality Concerns and tracking events associated
  • Vendor returns
  • Incoming returns/RMA procedure
  • Engineering Change Control
  • Analysis of out of date or expiring stock
  • Compliance (ISO, FDA, etc.)